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When Planting Trees Choose Permeable Root Aeration Tubes

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Landscape design specifications frequently call for root aeration tubes to be placed around trees where there will be challenges for root establishment and growth. After all, when planting trees you want to maximize the chances for healthy growth and long life.

Soil Challenges When Planting Trees

One of the greatest challenges to planting healthy trees is how to optimize root growth in less than ideal conditions like poor Glossary Link soil composition, poorly structured soil, restricted space (as in street plantings), and soil compaction from heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic. If any of these conditions exist on the site of a transplanted tree, then root aeration is important to the establishment of the newly planted tree.

How to Choose the Right Root Aeration Tube

There are numerous options for root aeration tubes. Remember the purpose of using root aeration tubes is to deliver both water and oxygen to the deeper soil below the tree you've planted. One popular design uses PVC plastic pipes with cross-drilled holes that provide the opening into the soil for aeration. With this design there is a limited amount of oxygen exchange because of the impervious nature of the plastic.

Rootwell's Tubes Are Permeable

A far more effective design is the Rootwell Pro 318. The walls of these devices are highly permeable, providing oxygen exchange with all of the soil surrounding the device. Additionally, placed on the top of these devices is a convection cap that actively draws air into the chamber each night when the ambient temperature drops.

Rootwell devices are also beneficial for water and fertilizer delivery to the trees you've planted because of their open design on the top. Water can be delivered by drip emitter, hose, spray irrigation, or from precipitation.

If you want to promote root growth when planting trees Rootwell's root aeration tubes are the answer. Call us today to learn more.