Home gardening method - growing tomatoes on window sill.

Top Alternative Home Gardening Methods

Home gardening method - growing tomatoes on window sill.

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment with a little balcony or a two-acre working farm, there are home gardening methods that anyone can use to grow some amount of their own food.

These methods could work even if you only want to use one to grow indoor decorative plants. If one way doesn’t work for you, there are others that will.

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Garden tools and seeds depicting growing food

Ideas for Growing Food When You Can’t Get Seeds

Garden tools and seeds depicting growing food

Tips on growing food when you don’t have seeds.

Have you gone to the grocery store only to find empty shelves? Discouraged when you tried to order toilet page or canned soup from Amazon only to find items completely sold out?

Preppers – those who prepare for disasters by stockpiling food and other supplies – have become the norm. Americans are buying toilet paper and dry goods until there are none left on the shelves or in the stores. 

It’s a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic that we won’t soon forget. These are strange times we live in these days. Many more Americans are acting like preppers than not. 

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Fruit and vegetables depicting food waste

How to Use Vegetable Scraps and Reduce Food Waste in Your Own Home

Fruit and vegetables depicting food waste

Food waste is a big topic of conversation in the world today. Our food supply system is vast and complex, and it contributes to ecological problems, wasted produce and places in our country where there is little access to fresh produce for people without their own transportation.

Did you know that studies factor in the food that goes uneaten in your fridge?

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Cut flowers

Good and Bad News About the Cut Flowers Industry

Cut flowers - roses

Do you have a wife, girlfriend, or sweetheart you have gifted with a big bunch of roses for Valentine’s Day? How about your mother? Do you plan to bring her a bouquet or send a floral arrangement on Mother’s Day?

Are you making plans for your summer wedding, clicking away on pictures of cut flower bouquets, salivating over the hundreds of colors and shapes to be achieved with fresh blooms?

Nothing brings elegance and beauty to an event or special occasion like cut flowers. It’s a go-to pick-me-up that’s handy at the grocery store for those of us suffering from winter blues. A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table can lift your spirits almost instantly.

Have you ever wondered about the ecological impact of those roses you got on Valentine’s Day or the arrangement you will send your mom this May?

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Growing Mushrooms at Home – Gardening Tips

Different types of mushrooms

If you grew up in the Midwest, like me, you might have seen your parents or grandparents harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, or squash. It’s unlikely you’ve had much experience watching someone grow mushrooms.

Mushrooms seem like a bit of a mystery. We have seen them growing wild on logs, we have heard tell of delicious morels that can be found in the woods in early spring, and we have tasted the even-rarer truffles in the form of truffle oil or salt on gourmet dishes.

However, how many of us know about how mushrooms grow? Would it surprise you to know you can easily grow them at home?

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Fast growing trees plant in fall

Fast Growing Trees to Plant in the Fall

Boy and father planting tree depicting fast growing trees

Are you looking to add some beautiful, fast growing trees for your yard? Did you know fall is the perfect time to plant a tree?

Believe it or not, but fall, not spring is the best time of the year to plant your trees. Today, we will explore why that is.

We are also exploring what trees you can still plant this fall that grow quickly, giving your yard the more mature look you want.

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