4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lavender

4 Facts About Lavender

Did you know lavender is also a herb?

Have you ever used lavender while cooking?

Happy Monday and welcome back to Herb Monday. Herb Monday is our series where we share tips and tricks to growing herbs indoors. Last week, we gave one clue about today’s herb.

Did you guess it?

Fact 1

Here was the clue: Because this herb does not too well with humidity, compost tea can help this herb keep away fungus that grows when its environment is to humid or wet.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Lavender is the kind of herb that does not appreciate humidity. The herb is pretty disease residence however humidity might be considered its very own kryptonite.

Fact 2

What’s Cooking America tell us that when cooking with lavender you want to use 1/3rd of the amount of dry lavender that you would use of fresh lavender. If you use too much of lavender you will ended up with your dish tasting a bit like perfume.

Fact 3

A couple ways to use lavender to cook are:

  • Lavender can actually substitute rosemary is many bread recipes.
  • If you put lavender flowers in a bag of sugar and seal it for a few weeks, you can actually replace sugar in cake recipes.

Fact 4

Research has shown that lavender actually can help calm, sooth and even can sedate when inhaled.

Have you ever thought to use lavender in a salad?

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