Root Starter Sticks Pack of 10


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Length: 10”
Diameter: 5/8”

Each 10″ x 5/8″ Root Starter Stick aeration stick allows water to penetrate deep into the root-zone putting water directly where its needed preventing runoff. Great for tomatoes, roses, potted plants, bushes, and all small plants.

Recommended installation procedure:
Use an auger attached to any common electric or battery operated drill to drill hole in ground.

Recommended Number of Root Starter Sticks Per Plant

Roses: Two Root Starter Sticks be used per plant, installed on either side of the plant.

Perennials: Two to four Root Starter Sticks be used on each plant installed 2” to 4” from the plant ball.

Potted plants: Two to four Root Starter Sticks be used for each gallon pot. Space between plants.

Vegetables: Two to four Root Starter Sticks be used for each vegetable plant, spaced evenly around plant.

Supplemental root aeration for trees:
Root Starter Sticks should be placed in zigzag pattern around tree between trunk and drip line. Place one Root Stick at one-foot intervals. Can be used in conjunction with deep root feeding, placing Root Starter Stick in void created by deep root feeder to provide aeration and increase overall effectiveness of fertilization.

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