Why Rootwell – Rootwell Versus Tree Watering Bags

Direct-to-root Watering System

Rootwell Products, Inc.’s direct-to-root system has been engineered to permanently enhance a tree’s natural ability to absorb oxygen, water, and nutrients.

There is a substantial difference between using watering bags and the Rootwell system.

Tree Watering Bags

  1. Why Rootwell - High temperature under tree watering bags Watering bags contain between 15 and 20 gallons of water which will weigh between 90 lbs. to 120 lbs., all of which causes compaction around the tree. Compaction suppresses oxygen from reaching down to the root zone.
  2. During hot summer periods the temperature can rise in excess of 100˚
  3. Water does not reach a depth significant enough to reach the root mass causing the roots to move upward to reach the water which could eventually cause sun scorch to the root system when the bag is
    Sun scorch to the root system when the bag is removed.

  4. When using a watering bag all the activity is limited to the area around the trunk, this could cause root girdling a condition where the roots will eventually strangulate and kill the tree.
  5. Mold growing under tree watering bag Watering bags are wrapped around the tree trunk, causing the bark to soften on the tree making it more susceptible to insect infiltration and disease, further it causes mold to grow under the bag and insects are attracted.
  6. Watering bags are only temporary and are unsightly. No long term effect on the tree other than damage.
  7. The watering bags are also susceptible to theft

Rootwell’s Direct-to-root Watering System

  1. The Rootwell system is placed into the ground 18”, it naturally collects rain or irrigation water or can be manually watered. There is no compaction of the soil.
  2. Heat is not a factor. The internal air convection engine in the Rootwell system constantly circulates rich oxygen to the root system.
  3. The Rootwell system works well below the surface encouraging roots to grow deeper and outward from the planting pit.
    Large roots around Rootwell
    Roots - Rootwell
  4. The Rootwell system allows roots to come away from the root ball discouraging root girdling.
  5. There is no damage to the bark on the tree trunk because the Rootwell System works underground. Mold and insect infiltration are not a factor.
  6. The Rootwell System is a permanent solution to drought, poor soil conditions, and difficult planting conditions. It works 24/7 for the tree promoting a vigorous and healthy root system.
  7. The Rootwell system is virtually theft proof as it is in the ground.
Feature Rootwell Tree Water Bag
Longevity The Rootwell is a permanent solution for life long healthy trees and roots. Tree watering bags are temporary, short lived help, often doing more harm than good.
Compatibility The Rootwell Pro-318 works in any soil, no matter how poor the quality. Whether clay, compact, or fertile, Rootwell does it all. Water bags only offer some help if soil is loose and fertile. When compact, water stays on surface.
Functions The Rootwell Pro-318 provides for both water to get to the roots and for gas exchange. Watering bags only deliver water to the surface roots.
Effect on Roots The Rootwell Pro-318 promotes deep root growth for long term healthy roots and trees. Watering bags actually promote surface roots, which are not desired.
  • The Rootwell Pro-318 is designed for trees and large shrubs.
  • The Root Starter Stick is designed for plants and shrubs