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How to Improve Tree Growth Rate: 5 Proven Tips

Improve Tree Growth Rate Tips - Rootwell Deep Root Watering Systems Have you ever wondered how improve tree growth?

When it comes to improving tree growth rate, it can be complicated to find what works. Instead of spending your time going through trial and error, you can do your research to see what works best. 

You may be experienced with growing trees or just beginning; either way, these methods are sure to take your skillset to the next level. Get ready to see your trees grow like never before.

Let’s get started on learning how 5 proven tips to help improve the rate of tree growth.

1. Choose the Right Tree

The first step to ensuring your tree grows quickly is to choose the right trees! Trees don’t only vary in appearance—they have different growth rates that depend on your climate, conditions of soil, space, and light.

Depending on where you plan on planting them, you can find a tree that not only grows to be big and beautiful but also lasts for years to come.

Speak to a local nursery to see what trees are right for you.

How to Improve Tree Growth Rate - Rootwell Deep Root Watering Systems 2. Implement a Deep Root Watering System

Now that you have your perfect tree, you’re going to need to nourish it to improve tree growth rates. Water bags are popular, but there are water bag alternatives that are sure to make your tree grow at a quicker rate. 

Why use a deep root watering system? Not only is this superior to the traditional water bag method, but it’s simple to do and better for the environment. 

Deep root watering slowly carries water into the ground instead of getting the surface wet, which helps improve tree growth rate. This will save you time and money, all while making your tree grow at an impressive rate. Rootwell has the best products to ensure your tree gets the watering it deserves through the most advanced and effective deep root tree watering system available on the market today!

3. Protect the Tree’s Roots

Speaking of roots, they really need to be protected to avoid any damage. This means preventing cars and heavy equipment from driving over the root areas. This can compact the soil, which reduces oxygen and kills roots.

You shouldn’t remove or add soil beneath tree canopies either unless you consult a certified arborist. This can weaken the tree and harm roots. Healthy roots make for a happy tree, which means you can improve tree growth rate.

4. Use Mulch

Another way to help improve the rate at which your tree grows is to use mulch! Two to three inches of organic mulch under the canopy of your tree will do wonders.

Mulch is great because it cools the soil, improves its texture, reduces weeds, and conserves moisture. Be sure to replenish it often, and you’re sure to see a difference in the rate at which your tree’s root systems develop and therefore the rate at which your tree grows.

5. Careful With Pests

Like any other plant, insects can weaken your trees and slow their growth rate. Look out for pests like caterpillars and Adelgids.

You can use a variety of tree feed that also helps protect it against insects. It’s as simple as applying it around the base of your tree to keep your tree protected. 

Improving Tree Growth Rate with Rootwell’s Deep Root Watering Products

Rootwell Deep Root Watering Systems There’s nothing quite like putting in the work to grow some big, beautiful trees and seeing your hard work pay off. It may be a challenge, but there are methods to help improve your tree growth rate.

It starts with finding the right tree and implementing a deep root watering system, preferably an effective one like Rootwell’s.

Ready to see the magic of deep root watering for yourself? Be sure to check out our products!

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