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Why are Rootwell™ Root Aeration Tubes the best root watering system?

Rootwell Deep Root Aeration Tubes - Deep Root Watering Systems

One of the greatest challenges to planting healthy trees is how to optimize root growth in less than ideal conditions like poor soil composition, poorly structured soil, restricted space (as in street plantings), soil compaction from heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic, and drought conditions.

If any of these conditions exist on the site of a transplanted tree, then root aeration is important to the establishment of the newly planted tree. The injunction of air into the ground allows, Mycorrhizal, the necessary bacteria for root propagation to thrive. Compacted soil kills the Mycorrhizal

In a large majority of the cases, the tree will barely outlive its warranty. Rootwell will not only minimize the mortality rate, it will allow a newly planted tree to establish its root system well beyond the planting pit.

Rootwell allows you to use a minimal amount of water for a maximum benefit to the tree roots. It’s a matter of life and death for your tree.


Benefits of Rootwell™ Root Aeration Tubes

  • Direct to root water distribution - Tree Root Watering System Conserves water by watering directly to root system, eliminates runoff
  • Collects natural rain/surface water directing it to the root system.
  • Can be connected to low volume irrigation supply.
  • Eliminates tree stress caused by transplant shock and soil compaction.
  • Patented Root Aeration Internal Air Convection Engine continuously refreshes oxygen rich air directly to the root zone. Direct to root oxygen exchange - Rootwell Tree Watering Bag Alternatives
  • Permanent solution for drought conditions.
  • Establishes tree root zone quicker.
  • Promotes deep root growth.
  • Can be used on new plantings or existing trees.
  • Fertilize directly to root zone with less fertilizer and no run-off.
  • New top feature will accept the new organic “Plus” water soluble fertilizer sticks. Rootwell Pro-318s Deep Root Watering & Tree Feeder System In Ground
  • Eliminates the need for unsightly watering bags.
  • Easy to install and theft proof.
  • Dimensions: The top cap diameter is 4”. The tube is 3” in diameter x 18” in length.
Tree at time of installation of Rootwell's root aeration tubes

Tree at time of installation

6 months after installation of Rootwell Pro-318s root aeration tubes

Six months after installation of Rootwell Pro-318s

1 year after installation of Rootwell's root aeration tubes

One year after installation

How are Rootwell’s Root Aeration Tubes & Deep Root Watering Systems Better than Tree Watering Bags?

  1. Direct-to-Root-Watering – A deep root watering system is the best alternative to tree watering bags, like TreeGator Watering Bags, because of its targeted water delivery. It delivers water directly to the root system rather than sitting atop the soil and then evaporating before reaching roots.
  2. Enhanced Airflow to Tree Roots – Rootwell’s deep root aeration tubes create consistent airflow of oxygen in the soil. This ensures tree roots can extract nutrients and oxygen needed to optimize tree root growth
  3. Aesthetics – Our deep root aeration tubes are better than tree watering bags like TreeGator Watering Bags with regard to landscaping aesthetics because unlike tree watering bags that are large and unattractive systems that sit above ground around the base of the tree, Rootwell’s deep root water systems are inserted 18″ deep into the ground, making them virtually unnoticeable. 
  4. Tree Health –  Deep root watering does not compromise the bark of the tree or contribute to the build-up of debris and mold at the base of the tree. Rootwell’s deep root aeration systems are a permanent solution to providing efficient irrigation for your trees. 

If you want to promote root growth when planting trees or to help save existing trees, Rootwell Products, Inc.’s Pro-318 root aeration tubes are the answer.

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