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Deep Root Watering Guide: 5 Things to Remember When Deep Root Watering Trees

Deep Root Watering Trees - Rootwell Products Tips on Deep Root Watering Trees

Learning the needs of your trees might be difficult, especially when it comes to watering. After all, plenty of trees survive from rain being their only water source; why can’t yours be the same? The reality is, different trees require a variety of watering methods.

If you haven’t worked with trees before or are brushing up, you may not know about deep root watering trees. This is the ultimate thirst quencher for a parched tree. To get started, you’ll need to know how deep root watering works.

As you get started, here are five things to remember when you’re deep root watering trees. 

1. The Water Should Go Deep

One of the biggest benefits of a deep root watering system is that the water reaches deep into the ground, and there are different systems to make this happen. A common method is using Aeration tubes

This is a watering system that provides oxygen, nutrients, and water to the roots. You can have these systems installed along with plants, shrubs, and trees.

Installation for Aeration tubes is also quite simple; you place four of the devices around the planting pit’s outside edge. Then you push them into the ground, so the top is even with the surface outside the pit. Finally, remove any non-biodegradable materials from the rootball, cut down the wire basket, and remove the burlap from the top 1/2 of the root ball. 

This system will ensure that the water reaches deep into the roots of your trees.

2. Water Should Also Go Slow 

In addition to the water going deep into the ground, it should also go slow. Since plants absorb water best through the soil, having a slow and steady water distribution is what will guarantee that your tree is quenched. Otherwise, you’ll be risking that the water evaporates quickly, not reaching the roots thoroughly. 

Deep Root Watering Trees - Guide to Deep Root Watering by Rootwell 3.  Water in the Morning 

When it comes to using deep root watering for trees, there is no magical time when it should be done. Ideally, it’d be in the morning because it allows more water to remain in the soil instead of having it evaporate. Morning water gives your trees refreshment during the heat of the day.

4. Newly Planted Trees Need Most Water

Like any other baby, newly planted trees need a lot of subsistence. Deep root tree care means giving a lot more water to your new trees than your existing older trees. This will ensure that your new trees will grow big and strong. 

5. Not All Plants Benefit From Deep Root Watering 

The best things to use root irrigation for are shrubs and trees. This is because they fight the hardest for water, and they’re the ones that have tricky to reach roots, especially in the hotter months. Other plants don’t need a deep root watering system because they don’t need as much water. 

Deep Root Watering Trees

Deep watering uses different systems to carry water about 8-12 inches into the ground instead of wetting the surface. Not only is deep root watering trees the best way to get your trees quenched and thriving, but using the right deep root watering system is the most efficient way to do it. It’s also great for the environment because you’ll be using less water.

If you’re ready to see all the benefits for yourself, be sure to check out our shop!

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