Installation Instructions for Rootwell™ Products

Rootwell™ Pro-318 Installation Guide for Transplanted Trees

Rootwell Pro-318s are effective as a stand-alone system or connected to a low volume irrigation system. 100% of the water is store in the soil in the root zone. They create a permanent accessible pathway for deep root zone access for fertilizer, Mycorrhizae, air, and water.

The following instructions are for all tree species. The dimensions of each Rootwell Pro-318 are 18″ in length and 3″ in diameter.

  • Place three Rootwell Pro-318 devices evenly around the outside edge of the planting pit. For easy access, place one on a compass North position.
  • Position the Rootwell Pro-318 in the ground so the top is even with the ground surface outside the pit.
  • Remove the non-biodegradable materials completely from the root ball, cut down wire basket, and remove burlap from the top one half of the root ball.

Rootwell's installation guide transplanted trees

Rootwell™ Pro-318 Installation Guide for Existing Trees

Place a minimum of four Rootwells between 2.5 feet to 4 feet from the tree trunk as close to the root mass as possible.

Heavy soil compaction requires them to be placed closer to the trunk. For larger trees: position them approximately 6 feet apart in a circular manner. Place in a compass North, South, East, and West position for future access.

Rootwell Pro-318 installation guide for existing trees

Root Stick Installation Instructions

Recommended installation procedure:
The dimensions of each Root Sticks are: 10” length x 5/8” in diameter. Use an auger using ships auger attached to any common electric or battery operated drill to drill the hole to place it in the ground.

Place two Root Sticks be used per plant, installed on either side of the plant.

Install two to four Root Sticks around each plant 2” to 4” from the plant ball.

Potted plants:
Place two to four Root Sticks be used for each gallon pot. Space between plants.

Place two to four Root Sticks for each vegetable plant, spaced evenly around plant.

Supplemental root aeration for trees:
Root Sticks may be placed in zigzag pattern around a tree between trunk and drip line. One stick should be placed at one-foot intervals. The Root Stick can be used in conjunction with deep root feeding, placing the Root Stick in a void created by deep root feeder to provide aeration and increase overall effectiveness of fertilization.