Deep Root Systems for Trees, Shrubs and Plants

PRO-318 for Trees

Rootwell Pro-318 Deep Root Systems The Rootwell Pro-318 Deep Root System creates a pathway deep into the root system allowing air and water to go deep into the root zone.

The patented porous cylinder was designed to allow a 97% surface-area that allows 360° distribution of air, water and nutrients throughout the root zone.

The patented Air Convection System, constantly circulates air into the root-zone and extracts root inhibiting methane gases. The air advantage is essential for the growth of micrizaeal, which is the essential bacteria necessary for root propagation.

The Rootwell Pro-318 comes with a green top for higher visibility or a black top for blending with soil

Dimensions: Top Diameter 4” / Tube Diameter 3” x 18” L.

Root Starter Stick for Plants and Shrubs

Rootwell Root Starter Sticks deep root systems The Rootwell Root Starter Stick is a smaller version of the Pro-318 specifically designed for use with plants, garden vegetables, shrubs, Décor planters, and pots.

The Root Starter Stick is re-usable. It creates a pathway for water and air to be directed into the deeper root system providing instant benefit for plants.

Installed with a 5/8” drill bit. Can be cut to length if necessary.

When installing place the Root Starter Stick so the cap is 1” above the soil. Water directly over the stick for deep penetration.

Dimensions” Length: 10” / Diameter: 5/8”

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