How to Promote Root Growth in Transplanted Trees

Did you know that the larger a transplanted tree is, the longer it’ll take to grow? Yes, you read that right!

Tired of researching “how to promote root growth tree transplants?”

When it comes to transplanted tree root growth, we’ve got you covered. To stimulate proper root growth in transplanted trees, take a look at how to keep your tree alive today!

Tips for Promoting Healthy Root Growth

If you’re looking for a few tips for promoting healthy root growth, you’re in luck. For those of you who are new to moving transplanted trees, you might want to get started by tying together the lower branches of the tree as loosely as possible. This can help you to keep them out of your way and reduce damage.

Next, dig up a large trench surrounding your tree, which should be a little bit deeper than the root ball itself. Then, dig around the perimeter of the tree and undercut your root ball with a spade. Don’t be afraid to grab hand loppers or pruners for bigger roots.

Another excellent idea is to place a piece of canvas or burlap underneath your root ball. This is when it may be a good idea to ask a few friends for a helping hand. That’s because sharing your load can help you to limit the risk of damaging dropping your root ball.

Moving your tree by its root ball, use a garden wheelbarrow to transport your transplant to its new home. Now, you’re ready for the next step: installing a deep root watering system!

How Deep Root Watering Helps Root Growth 

Wondering how deep watering helps root growth?

Since early spring is the best time to transplant trees, it’s also a terrific time to install your deep root watering system too. Not only do deep root systems create pathways in the soil, but it allows water and air to reach the root zone faster than ever. 

Plus, your deep root system’s uniquely patented and porous cylinder is made to promote tree root growth by letting nutrients, water, and airflow freely through the root zone.

On top of that, most deep root systems also come with an “air convection system” that will make sure that circulated air reaches the roots and methane gases are extracted from the root ball. Simple as that!

Curious about treating tree transplant shock?

Pro tip: buy a deep root system for transplanted trees, roots, or shrubs right away!

Take Care of Transplanted Trees 

Still not sure how to take care of transplanted trees? If that’s the case, we can help you out. From tree transplanting tips to tree transplant shock, we’ve got everything you need for your transplanted tree to succeed.

Looking for a few more tree tips? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our blog now!

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