Rootwell Products, Inc. – About Our Company

Rootwell Products, Inc. is a research, engineering, and manufacturing company that is specialized to the advancement of quality tree and plant care. The official Rootwell products on this website are award winners, time tested, and proven to provide natural benefits to trees, shrubs, and plants.

Our Mission

It is Rootwell’s mission to provide simple, cost effective, and logical solutions to complex plant care problems.

Headquartered in Michigan, Rootwell Products, Inc. was founded to bring enhanced growth and solutions to trees in family yards, parks, cityscapes, and any other location.

Rootwell also distributes a complete line of installation tools and accessories.

Rootwell products are commonly specified by landscape architects for cityscapes, highways, parks, government sites, commercial and industrial locations as well as many others. Rootwell products are also very popular with do-it-yourselfers are well.


Rootwell started when two friends, Frank Walker and Jeff Thomas, were sitting in the office, ironically talking about getting some patents on pet projects. They were discussing the new products when somehow the conversation strayed to a tree that Frank had planted in his back yard when his son was born. (a Greek thing)

The poor tree was to grow as strong as his son, but it was not happening. The tree was lifeless, its leaves drooped, and it only grew about an inch a year.

Frank talked about putting a hose at the base of the tree and let it drip literally from April until the fall, only to have a huge puddle on his sidewalk on the other side of the fence.

They both laughed. Two minds started buzzing, and on a hunch, discussed a prototype to put into the ground to allow water to get directly to the roots. A year went by and they both forgot about it.

One day, Frank and Jeff got together, and the tree came up. Frank said he had some pictures he took of it in his briefcase but had not looked at them. The prototype was rough, but unknowingly it was actually working.

The first picture at the time the prototype was put in showed the leaves drooping. The next photograph that was taken 48 hours later showed the leaves standing at attention. Then a third photograph taken one year later showed that tree had grown almost 18 inches.

The pet products were put aside and Rootwell was born.