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Why Deep Root Watering is Better Than Watering Bags

Deep root watering is a highly effective irrigation method compared to using watering bags. If you’re wondering, “Why use a deep root watering system?”, then here are some of the benefits of deep root watering vs. watering bags. 

Why deep root watering is better than watering bags | Rootwell Direct-to-Root-Watering

A deep root watering system is one of the best water bag alternatives because of its targeted water delivery. It delivers water directly to the root system rather than sitting atop the soil and then evaporating before reaching roots. 

With a direct-to-root watering approach, water permeates deep into the soil and encourages trees to develop a deep root system.

Conversely, watering bags can result in a surface root system, as water does not penetrate deep into the soil. A shallow root system can endanger the health and stability of the tree. 

Watering bags cause water to collect around the trunk of the tree which can result in root girdling. Deep root watering encourages roots to move away from the root ball, eliminating this risk. 

Because deep root water systems directly supply water to roots, they are highly efficient at saving water. They are a perfect solution for drought-prone areas or to anyone wanting to be more water-wise. 

How deep root watering works better than watering bags | Rootwell Enhanced Airflow

Another one of the benefits of deep root watering is the creation of consistent airflow of oxygen in the soil. This ensures roots can extract the nutrients and oxygen needed to nourish the tree. 

Due to the excessive weight of watering bags, they can compact surrounding soil. This results in restricted airflow and poor soil and tree health. 

Aesthetics and Health

Watering bags must sit above ground around the base of the tree. These can be large and unattractive, detracting from the natural beauty of the tree. Deep root water systems are inserted 18″ deep into the ground, making them virtually unnoticeable. 

Because watering bags sit around the trunk of the tree, the bark becomes more prone to disease and susceptible to insects. Mold and debris can also build up beneath the watering bag. 

These bags also need to be replaced regularly as they are exposed to heat and can wear down. 

Deep root watering does not compromise the bark of the tree or contribute to the build-up of debris and mold. They are a permanent solution to the efficient irrigation of your trees. 

Rootwell Pro-318 is Better Than Gatorbags for Tree Root Growth Learn More About Deep Root Watering

Trees are often called the lungs of the earth because of their amazing ability to create clean air for all living things. 

In addition to generating cleaner air, trees also regulate temperature, help filter rainwater, provide habitats for wildlife, and even minimize carbon emissions. On top of all that, they’re beautiful to look at! 

Keeping trees healthy and strong is vital to a thriving environment. Correctly watering trees is an important step to ensuring trees have the nutrients, airflow, and deep root support needed to flourish. 

If you’re still wondering, “Should I use deep root watering?”, then check out our website for more information to help you decide. 

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