Sidewalk Tree Plantings with Rootwell

Sidewalk tree plantings with Rootwell Pro-318s

Sidewalk tree plantings with four Rootwell Pro-318s

Sidewalk tree plantings are a needed feature in today’s urban city-scape. Commonly, tree wells are used; however, dimensional limits constrict root growth and inhibit tree longevity often resulting in dying trees.

Rootwell Pro-318 expands the effective root zone volume, improves soil oxygenation and efficiently provides tree watering; resulting in larger tree growth.

The common 4’x 4’ sidewalk tree well has 2,304 sq inches of surface area, estimated 8 inches of oxygenated soil provides 18,430 cubic inches of usable root growth volume.

Installing 4 Rootwell aeration tubes will displace 509 cubic inches of soil; however, it will add 6,000 cubic inches of oxygen rich root growth space. Affectively, adding 30% available root growth area in the same sidewalk tree-well

Additionally, each Pro-318 holds 2.2 gallons of water. In a friable soil, the 8.8 gallons of water is delivered directly into the tree root zone “all at once” providing complete tree root ball saturation. Unlike the tree watering bags, its permanent, has no elevated water temperature risk and no risk of vandalism. The 18 inch depth actively oxygenates the soil, helping to relieve the stress of compacted soils on the sidewalk trees.

Installation at tree planting has marginal labor cost and material costs can be as low as $24.00/tree. This ROI is quickly realized with watering time and water usage reductions.  Additional, savings are realized when deep root fertilization is included in the planting maintenance schedule

Jeffrey Ling RCA

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