10 Steps to Planting Your Christmas Tree

How To Plant Christmas Tree

Are you wondering what to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays?

Merry Christmas Eve and welcome to Christmas Tree Mondays. This month, we have been sharing all we know about Christmas Trees. Today, we are  excited to share with you about planting your potted Christmas tree.

Yes it is true.  That potted tree that you carefully chose and that has created so many amazing memories with does not have to be thrown out after Christmas. You can actually hang on to all those memories by planting the tree in your own backyard.

10 Steps to Plant your Christmas Tree

  1. Before the ground freezes dig your hole. It needs to be twice the size of the root ball.
  2. According to Better Homes and Gardens after you have dug the hole and before you buy the tree, fill in the hole with mulch and protect the soil was a tarp.
  3. Install Rootwell Pro318s.  Rootwell Pro318s will provide your tree with the oxygen, nutrients and water it needs to survive the winter.
  4. Purchase a ball-and-burlap or container tree.
  5. Only keep the tree indoors for 7-10 days and place it near a cool spot in your home – like a window.
  6. After Christmas, place the tree in the garage for a few nights. Doing this will help to acclimate the tree to the outside conditions.
  7. If you can, pick a mild day to plant the tree.
  8. Remember to remove the burlap and fill the hole in around the root ball with soil and gently pack.
  9. Water, Water, Water. Your tree needs lots of water when you first plant it.
  10.  Lastly, build your tree a “house” made out of old pallets and draperies.

You Turn

Have you ever planted your Christmas tree? How did it turn out?

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