12 Frost Tolerant Vegetables to Plant in Early Spring

Cold season vegetables

Ready to get out into the garden this weekend?

Yesterday marked the first day of spring and we are excited to share with you our list of 12 frost tolerant vegetables that you may be able to start planting this weekend.

From Georgia to Michigan to Texas and the Northwest, this winter has been colder and longer than others. The good news is that it is officially spring and it’s time to get out into our gardens.

Our list below has 12 hardy vegetables to grow in the spring and in the fall. The hardiest among the list to grow are kale and spinach because they can handle temperatures in the high teens making these two perfect for Michigan, the Midwest and Northeast gardeners.

12 Frost Tolerant Vegetables

  1. Broccoli
    Have you considered growing broccoli in your garden this season? In our article, Broccoli – Why Grow This Green Vegetable in Your Garden, we shared that broccoli may help reverse damage skin and can help fight heart disease.

  2. Brussels Sprouts
    These little guys are easy to grow and again really healthy for you. Find out just how easy and how healthy in our article, How to Grow Vivacious Brussels Sprouts.

  3. Cabbage
    Growing this frost tolerant vegetable does not have to be difficult. We made it easy in our article, Planting and Growing Cabbage Made Easy.

  4. Carrots
    Find out how to easily and painless grow carrots in our article how to Grow Carrots in 7 Easy Steps.

  5. Cauliflower
    This front tolerant vegetable can be difficult to grow. That is why we wrote How to Successfully Grow Cauliflower Organically in Your Garden. In the article we share why cauliflower is difficult and how to be successful at growing it.

  6. Chives
    In one of our Beginner Gardening Challenge articles, How To Grow Chives, you will find how easy it can be to grow your own chives.

  7. Kale
    Kale is gaining popularity as more and more people see the benefits in eating it. Find out how to grow your own in our article, How to Grow Kale in 4 Easy Steps.

  8. Leeks
    Fresh leeks are a great addition to salads. In How to Grow Leeks at Home Organically, you will find just how easy it can be to grow your own fresh leeks.

  9. Peas
    For tips and tricks on growing peas organically, check out our article, How to Plant and Grow Peas Organically.

  10. Radishes
    Radishes are a great addition to any garden because they take about 3 weeks to mature. We shared how to grow them in our article, How to Grow Radishes in 5 Easy Steps.

  11. Swiss Chard
    Here is another vegetable that is becoming more popular for home gardeners. In our article, Why You Should Plant Swiss Chard and How to Plant It, you will find out why.

  12. Spinach
    Every beginner gardener can enjoy their own fresh organic spinach with our article, How to Grow Spinach for Beginners.

What Do You Think?

What is your favorite cold / frost tolerant vegetable?

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