2 Reasons Aeration Tubes Cause Growth in Trees

Aeration tubes

Do your trees keep dying?

Have difficult soil to grow trees is?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Wow, this year is passing by so quickly. Let me start this post off by saying Happy Thanksgiving! Here at my house, we are letting our turkey defrost, making pies, drinking hot chocolate, and welcoming family into our home.

The past three weeks, we have been sharing about Aeration Tubes. First we looked at how these tubes will enhance your herb garden in 5 Reasons Aeration Tubes will Enhance Your Herb Garden. After that, we shared about how aeration tubes can benefit your shrubs in Why Your Shrubs Need Aeration Tubes.

As the tree planting season comes to a close in much of the country, we want to share about how aeration tubes will amplify your trees growth. If you are unfamiliar with what aeration tubes are, let me define this product for you first.

Aeration tubes are a scientifically proven system to water and provide oxygen and nutrients to your trees, plants and shrubs by directly supplying these essential three to the root system.

Here are 2 Reasons Aeration Tubes will cause growth in your Trees

Root Growth

  • Deep
    Your trees roots love to grow where the water, oxygen and nutrients are. Without the aeration tubes, root growth will be closer to the surface of the soil. With the aeration tubes, your trees roots will grow deeper into the soil.
  • Wide
    Tree growth is dependent on root growth. Aeration tubes have been scientifically verified not only to cause deep root growth, but also an increase growth in the mass of the root.

Any Soil Will Do

In our front yard, we have this spot where I would love for a tree to grow, however, to my utter dismay I could not keep any tree alive that I planted there.  Until installing Rootwell Pro318 aeration tubes. We have a sandier soil, but no matter what type of soil you have Rootwell Products Inc. aeration tubes will enhance your trees roots and growth.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of us at Rootwell Products Inc.

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