All-America Selections Announces 2015 National Vegetable Winners

All-America Selections Announces 2015 National Vegetable Winners

All-America Selections has done it again. They have announced their 2015 national vegetable winners. This year, 8 different vegetables made the list. Each vegetable offers something special.

All-America Selections is a non-profit organization that tests new varieties and only chooses the best for their winners. According to their website, here are the qualities that make a winner,

“Judges look for significantly improved qualities such as earliness to bloom or harvest, disease or pest tolerance, novel colors or flavors, novel flower forms, total yield, length of flowering or harvest and overall performance.”

8 National Vegetable Winners For 2015

  1. Basil Dolce Fresca

    According to the All-America Selections, what stood out about this vegetable is its sweet, tender leaves and its ability to maintain an attractive shape even after harvest.

  2. Lettuce Sandy

    AAS (All-America Selections) reported that this is the first winning lettuce since 1985. It won attention because of its attractiveness, taste, disease resistance, and it was slow to bolt.

  3. Pepper Emerald Fire F1

    This spicy pepper shined according to AAS by its resistance to disease, its strength, not cracking even after maturing to red, and its very delicious jalapeño fruits.

  4. Pepper Flaming Flare F1

    If you are looking for a pepper for your chili sauces, look no further than the Pepper Flaming Flare. The pepper produced larger fruits and more peppers than any other plant.

  5. Pepper Pretty N Sweet F1
    When compared to the other varieties, AAS reported this pepper being more prolific meaning that you can harvest it weekly during the peek season and its sweet taste.

  6. Radish Roxanne F1

    Even when the the Roxanne grows too large and becomes over sized, AAS reported this radish was still great tasting, didn’t bleed and stayed firm and solid.

  7. Squash Bossa Nova F1

    Here is what AAS had to say about this Squash Bossa Nova,

    “The beautiful dark and light green mottled exterior of this zucchini is more pronounced than other varieties on the market, which sets it apart and makes the fruits easier to see during a long and prolific harvest. Compact plants produce fruits earlier in the season and continue producing for three weeks longer than comparison varieties.”

  8. Squash Butterscotch F1

    The deliciously sweet taste and its resistance to the powdery mildew launched this vegetable to become a national winner according to the AAS.


Start planning your vegetable garden with these national winners in mind. Are you looking to recycle your Christmas tree? Check out 5 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree.

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