3 Secrets to a Low Maintenance Yard

3 Secrets low maintenance

Would you like to lower the work that your lawn requires?

Are you wondering how to decrease the amount of time you are spending outside on your lawn?

Everyone loves having a beautiful lawn, but the work to get to that beautiful lawn can be frustrating. Irritation can grow, especially when the weather outside starts to get colder, the ground gets harder to work, and you find yourself spending most of your Saturday out in your yard.

At Rootwell Products Inc., we understand that frustration and we work hard to help make working in your yard easier. Today, we want to share with you 3 secrets to a low maintenance yard. With these 3 secrets, you will be spending less time in your yard and more time with your family.

  1. Small Lawns
    To cut down on the amount of time you spend caring for your lawn, simply cut down on the size of the lawn. You can still attract the envy of your neighbors with a smaller lawn. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a suggestion on how to keep your lawn small and beautiful without requiring too much work.

    Some lawn alternatives are large areas of ground covers or wildflowers, mulched beds, in addition to decks and patios.”

    Don’t forget that tall grass also discourages weed growth. So, don’t be afraid to skip a mowing every once and a while.

  2. Aeration Tubes
    Aeration tubes are scientifically engineered to grow stronger and more beautiful trees, shrubs, and plants. They can cut down the time you spend on watering and help during times of drought. These tubes provide your foliage with the oxygen, water, and nutrients they need to take deep root. Rootwell Products Inc. offers scientifically proven aeration tubes, the Rootwell Pro318 for trees and Rootsticks for shrubs and plants.
  3. Add Mulch
    One of the best things you can do for you lawn, flower beds, and soil is to provide an ample amount of mulch to it and, even better, organic mulch. Pine needles, shredded leaves, and even coffee grounds will do the trick.

Your Thoughts? Have you found any additional ways or tips to create a low maintenance lawn? Please let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions about our aeration tubes, please give us a call at:

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