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Elephant ears (Colocasia) plant

Elephant Ears: Exotic Leafy Plants to Grow Indoors or Out

Elephant ears (Colocasia) plant

Are you looking for something new and exciting to add to your landscape this year, or maybe a new indoor plant for your houseplant collection?

Look no further than the plant, elephant ears. Its shape and color are spectacular, and with the right care, this plant can grow to be massive.

If you are looking for something stunning with a modern look, this might be your new favorite.

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Cost-Effective Gardening Tips & Tricks - Tomato seedlings in egg shells

45 Cost-Effective Gardening Tips & Tricks

Cost-Effective Gardening Tips & Tricks - Tomato seedlings in egg shells

Whether you are a novice or veteran gardener, the season of gardening is here. How do you minimize your time outdoors so that you can maximize your time indoors?

Here are 45 cost-effective gardening tips and tricks to make your green thumb greener from preventing dirt from getting under your fingernails to drying herbs and finding practical uses for discarded coffee and tea grounds.

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Cucumber leaf with powdery mildew is a common vegetable garden problem

Solutions to Common Vegetable Garden Problems

Common Vegetable Garden Problems powdery mildew

Cucumber leaf with powdery mildew

Are you having problems growing your vegetables?

Every gardener at one point or another faces a few common problems when growing vegetables. These problems include seedlings that wilt, plants that stay small and look yellow, scorched-looking leaves on your plants, tomato plants that look distorted and rough, or when snap bean flowers do not succeed even to develop.

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Spring flowers

Top 25 Earliest Blooming Spring Flowers, Shrubs & Trees

Early spring flowers - crocus

I don’t know about you, but with some of the warmer temperatures we’ve been having in Michigan, I’m starting to get impatient for spring to come! It can be hard, in these first few weeks of spring, to believe it is really coming.

Everything is brown and dull, and we’re still getting fits of snow here and there. It may be days, or it may be weeks before the tree buds start to open, and the grass begins to turn green.

But you know what? I saw some of my first spring flowers starting to poke their green heads out of the ground the other day. These indispensable beauties can’t be daunted.

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Parents teaching kids gardening

Practical Budget-Friendly Tips to Teach Kids Gardening

Parents teach kids gardening

There are many benefits to getting your kids, grandkids, or any kids you know to go outside and garden. The younger your kids are when you start, the more chance they have to enjoy gardening all their lives. However, if you have older kids, it’s not too late!

Often, a love of gardening starts with a love of good food or interest in learning how to cook. There are so many books and shows out there about good food.

Take some time to watch or read something with your kids and then talk about how you could incorporate it into your lives together!

In this article, we will cover how to move forward with creating a garden you can practically enjoy with your kids without spending hours and hours or very much money. It can be done!

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How To Get Your Kids Gardening: Creating Excitement

Kids gardening

Maybe you’re one of those rare parents or grandparents whose kids are already excited about being outdoors, digging in the dirt, and doing manual labor instead of playing video games or texting their friends. If so, you probably don’t need this guide.

However, did you know that an increasing number of children, especially in urban areas, don’t know how milk or eggs are produced, or where they come from?

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Top gardening articles 2018

Top 20 Gardening Articles of 2018

Top gardening articles 2018

Rootwell Products, Inc. is a company that is passionate about keeping the world green – wherever green things are growing. We want everyone to feel successful at growing green things in their homes, yards, fields, balconies or community gardens.

And we know this takes practice and a lot of expert advice. We strive to bring a variety of topics to you to help you to grow more green things successfully and to be informed about what’s going on with our earth.

Every New Year we round up the 20 most popular articles from the previous year according to Google Analytics. It’s fun to see what our readers liked most! It also helps us to know which articles were most exciting and helpful to you – our valued readers.

You know what else helps? Your comments and suggestions! We appreciate them all.

We hope this list also helps you find more topics you haven’t read about in one handy location. So, without further adieu:

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