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Growing Mushrooms at Home – Gardening Tips

Different types of mushrooms

If you grew up in the Midwest, like me, you might have seen your parents or grandparents harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, or squash. It’s unlikely you’ve had much experience watching someone grow mushrooms.

Mushrooms seem like a bit of a mystery. We have seen them growing wild on logs, we have heard tell of delicious morels that can be found in the woods in early spring, and we have tasted the even-rarer truffles in the form of truffle oil or salt on gourmet dishes.

However, how many of us know about how mushrooms grow? Would it surprise you to know you can easily grow them at home?

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Tree growing in compacted soil due to water runoff

How to Solve Water Runoff Problems

Water Runoff: What it is and how to prevent it

Tree growing in compacted soil due to water runoff

Do you deal with dry, baked soil in your garden or landscaping? Do you regularly water your plants, trees, and lawn and feel like they are still doing poorly and dying? Is your water bill sky high in the summer?

Gardeners, farmers, and even homeowners can struggle with dry, compacted soil and plants that wilt.

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