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Ecological garden revolution

An Ecological Garden Revolution – The New Gardening Phenomenon

Ecological garden

There’s nothing more tragic to a lover of plants than the sight of several sad little plants languishing by themselves in a newly “landscaped” front yard or park. It may be on a small island amidst a sea of concrete, or even in a sea of grass.

I often see the beginning gardens of amateur gardener and wonder what’s going wrong with it.

Why doesn’t it please the eye? Why does it look stunted and sad?

After all, the gardener was most likely following the instructions that are given by the nursery about how best to cultivate the plant. Most instructions give placement requirements: “plant no closer than 2 inches from another plant.”

The Missing Ingredient

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Top gardening articles 2018

Top 20 Gardening Articles of 2017

Top gardening articles

Here at Rootwell Products, Inc., we want you to be a gardening success. We know that a green thumb isn’t something you’re born with. You need advice from the pros and you need lots of practice.

To that end, we try to supply you with tips every week on a range of gardening topics. Every New Year, we post a roundup of the top 20 articles from the previous year. We like to keep tabs on what you are most interested in.

So take a peek at this year’s list and see if any of your favorites are there.

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Cold tolerant desert plants: agave in the snow

Top Cold Tolerant Desert Plants

Cold Tolerant Desert Plants: agave in the snow

Hardy agave plant covered in snow

Did you know that some desert plants can survive in cold climates?

Months ago, in my cold and rainy Michigan town, I was shocked to discover a neighbor had a cactus bed apparently thriving on the street side of their house.

Could this possibly be cactus, I wondered? It certainly looked like cactus: spiny lobes, low-growing. I couldn’t imagine how this desert plant would survive here, much less thrive and look very healthy. After all, in the not-so-distant past in this state, we’ve had winter temperatures of 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

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Cold Hardy Container Plants for Fall and Winter

Cold Hardy Container Plants for Fall and Winter

Container plants: sedum

I love learning about new plants, don’t you? It seems like, no matter what plant you choose to learn about, someone, somewhere has tried it in a new location or made it do something new. The beautiful thing about plants in human hands is that there will never be an end to the combinations that are possible. Plants do new things all the time and people continue to surprise me with their creativity.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about new things to do with container plants on my front porch. It would be nice to have something that can transition to cold weather so I don’t have to be digging in cold soil once the frost sets in. Here in Michigan, you never know when that will be. We could have snowy weather from October through May. Or we could have fairly warm weather straight through December.

9 Container Plants for Fall and Winter

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3 Top Benefits of Terrace Gardening

Rice fields terrace gardening at Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam.

Rice fields terrace gardening at Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam.

My family and I drove through Iowa one summer on our way to Colorado. I have to say that Iowa might be our nation’s best-kept secret. Of course, it’s not a secret to everyone. It was just a secret to me.

I should have remembered the movie, Field of Dreams. The beauty of the rolling hills and farms was inspiring. I felt like I was in the shire depicted by J.R.R. Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings series.

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