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Ornamental Grasses – All You Wanted To Know About Switchgrass

Ornamental Grasses

Are you looking to add something special to your lawn?

Would you like to plant ornamental grasses that brings something all year long?

Switchgrass is an ornamental grass that has a lot of benefits. First, it can help keep your lawn low maintenance. It can also add something extra special to your landscape all year long. This grass even made it on to our 5 Fall Perennials for Perfect Fall Color.

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5 Fall Perennials for Perfect Fall Color



Are you looking to add a little something to your fall garden?

Over the past few weeks, some Americans saw snow, gray skies, and frost. Before we store all of our gardening tools and head indoors for that cup of hot chocolate, there is still much to be done in the garden.

Today, we are talking about 5 different perennials that can help take the gloom out of fall. These perennials provide your garden and landscape with beautiful fall colors that will warm you up on the coldest of fall days.

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3 Secrets to a Low Maintenance Yard

3 Secrets low maintenance

Would you like to lower the work that your lawn requires?

Are you wondering how to decrease the amount of time you are spending outside on your lawn?

Everyone loves having a beautiful lawn, but the work to get to that beautiful lawn can be frustrating. Irritation can grow, especially when the weather outside starts to get colder, the ground gets harder to work, and you find yourself spending most of your Saturday out in your yard.

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How To Grow Leeks at Home Organically

How To Grow Leeks at Home Organically

Did you know that leeks are known to be one of the most expensive vegetables?

Do you call them leeks, green onions, or scallions?

Whether you call them leeks, green onions, or scallions, most likely you’ve been adding them to your salad these days. Leeks are one of the most expensive vegetables you can purchase from the grocery store.

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How to Plant and Grow Garlic Organically

Organic garlic

Would you like to grow garlic organically?

Are you looking for a way to fight allergies naturally?

Garlic isn’t just for keeping away vampires anymore. While garlic can add that perfect extra flavor to your dish, it has also shown that it can help fight allergies. Today, we are looking at how to plant garlic because depending on where you live, you may still be able to plant this fall.

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November 2013 Gardening Tips and Tricks

November Gardening  Tips

Are you unsure what needs to be done in your garden this month?

Are you wondering if it’s too late to plant trees this fall?

Happy November everyone! Every first of the month, we post gardening tips and tricks that will help make your landscape shine that month. Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean the work is done. November is full of to-dos. Below is a list of all the to-dos this month.

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4 Tricks to Creating the Perfect Winter Garden

Winter garden

Would you like to look out at your garden in the middle of winter and love what you see?

Your garden has the potential to be you most beautiful masterpiece and yes, even in the winter. Did you know that your garden can still be beautiful even in the winter? Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean your garden is through wowing the neighbors. Let’s take a look at 4 tricks to creating your perfect winter garden.

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How To Fight Fall Allergies the Natural Way

Pumpkin for allergies

Are you one of the many Americans struggling with fall allergies?

Do you hate the way the decongestants make you feel?

Many Americans all over the county find themselves year after year, fall after fall staying inside and struggling with fall allergies. I am one of those Americans. Not too long ago, I started researching how to fight my fall allergies naturally.

Sometimes when I take a decongestant, I find myself extra sleepy and a little out of it all day long. Like other allergy sufferers out there, I have a busy life and I can’t be in a fog all day. So, how do we fight our allergies naturally? By eating food. Yes, eating certain foods can help you fight your fall allergies.

You may be wondering what allergies have to do with gardening. Please stay with me and you will see.

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How to Make Your Home Stand Out with Perennials

Curb appeal

Are you considering moving in the next few months?

Are you wondering how to give your home that edge over the neighbors?

Have you ever wanted to invest into your home’s landscape, but you weren’t sure if it was worth it? Today, we going to share with you why investing into your home’s landscape, especially in the front yard, is more than worth the money that you invest.

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