4 Ways to Easily to Harvest Fruit Before Winter

Harvesting fruit

Are you having trouble harvesting fruit from your trees?

Today, we are looking at 4 easy ways to harvest fruit from your fruit trees. Fruit can often weigh down the limbs on fruit trees. With winter coming, it is best to harvest that fruit to give your trees their best chance of survival over the winter.

  1. Shake, Shake, Shake
    This is the first and most obvious way to harvest fruit from fruit trees. Place a large sheet under your tree, then grab the limb of the tree and shake it until the fruit falls off. The biggest downside to this method is that not only will the fruit fall off, but also the leaves and any bad fruit. You’ll then have to go through the fruit and pick out the good from the bad.
  2. A Fruit-Picker Basket
    This is really great invention and is perfect for those high to reach fruit that you just can’t get. Make sure to get one with an extension handle especially if you have any really tall tree. The fruit-picker basket wraps its hooks around the fruit’s stem and then you give it a tug. The fruit then falls simply and easily into your basket.
  3. Pruning
    This might be the most aggressive way to harvest the fruit, but it comes it really handy when the fruit is particular stubborn. Use the pruners to snap the fruit into your basket. If you have really high to reach fruit use a telescoping pole pruners.
  4. The Old Grab and Twist
    The handy old grab and pull to pick is also a great way to pick fruit. When you think of picking apples, you usually think of this technique. This technique is especially great for low hanging fruit.

HGTV reminds us to make sure to inspect the fruit well and if you have any extra fruit, try donating them to a local food back or homeless shelter.

Tree Care Quick Tip

Another way to ensure that your trees will make it through the winter is to make sure to install aeration tubes. Aeration tubes are a direct-to-root watering system. Rootwell’s Pro318s are specially designed aeration tubes that have been scientifically proven to grow deeper roots, creating stronger trees.

What are you planning to do in your garden this weekend?

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