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2015 Dirty Dozen List and What You Need to Know

The 2015 Dirty Dozen

Throughout recent years, there has been a movement related to the food we eat. With the more information available that we as consumers have, we continue to grow in our understanding and education that helps us to make healthy food decisions.

Each year, the EWG investigates which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticides on them so as consumers, we can make the best decisions about foods we eat. The EWG’s goal is to make your food as transparent as possible. They created a Shoppers Guide to help consumers. Buying organic food is expensive, so knowing which foods are the most contaminated with pesticides might help you as you decide which organic foods to buy.

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How to Grow Summer Vegetables All Winter Long

How to Grow Summer Vegetables Indoors

As you watch your beautiful summer garden slowly come to a close as the cool crisp fall air comes in, you might be wondering if there is any possible way to preserve those summer vegetable favorites that you worked so hard to cultivate.

There is nothing like fresh, home garden grown cucumbers, pepper, and tomatoes and the thought of having them throughout the winter is compelling not to mention that continuing to grow your own vegetables is a great way to supplement your budget and your diet.

We are here to share with you some great news. With the right lighting, container, and space, you can continue to grow many different vegetables and herbs.

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Grow amazing apples

How to Grow Amazing Apples Your Family Will Love

How to Grow Amazing Apples
If you are looking for a fun fall activity then visiting your local apple orchard is a must. This past weekend, my family and I visited The McIntosh Orchard in beautiful South Haven, Michigan. With the apple blossom being the state flower, Michigan is a state that is sure to produce some amazing apples. The orchard hosted row after row of ripe, crisp, juicy apples. The children ran up and down each isle of apple trees, picking apples and placing them into big wooden barrels to be weighed and brought home.

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Trees - fall color

9 Trees to Grow for Beautiful Fall Colors

Beautiful Fall Colors

There is something magical about fall. It seems to be a moment in time when trees and plants come to their truest splendor. Even if you are a die-hard summer fan, you have to admit the beauty of all that encompasses this amazing season. Or maybe it’s the pumpkin spice lattes, football games, warm sweaters and boots that make everyone love this season so much.

Regardless what makes you love fall, having your own home garden that lets you enjoy the changing beauty is worth the effort.

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The Amazing Chrysanthemum: Must Have Fall Flower for Every Yard

Chrysanthemum  plants

Imagine an array of bright yellows, dazzling burgundies, and stunning purple flowers placed elegantly around your yard this fall. Look no further than the amazing Chrysanthemum, nicked named “mum.”

Chrysanthemum plants are the perfect flower for fall. With their amazing range of fall colors, shapes, and sizes these mums will add that perfect pop of color and texture to your yard. They can be an amazing stand-alone plant that sits invitingly at your front door, placed lined up in a window box, or planted into the ground. They are sure to make any landscape shine.

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How to Expand Your Garden with Root Vegetables

Root vegetables

Root vegetables are likely be one of the most underrated categories of vegetables for home gardeners. While most home gardens are filled with the typical tomato and cucumber plants, you might have a harder time finding gardens filled with rutabaga and turnips. The main reason might be that they can be intimidating. Unless you are accustomed to growing up eating dandelion root, you might just write it off as a weed and miss all the amazing benefits that make up this great veggie.

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11 Perfect Plants for Your Water Garden

Water garden

Did you know that you can bring paradise to your own backyard with a magnificent water garden?

Imagine yourself relaxing after a long day to the tranquil sounds of a running fountain and the lush beauty of the foliage that surrounds and engulfs your water garden.

A water garden is home to many beautiful plants that can transform your backyard into a true oasis. Adding water plants are essential to your water garden’s success as they help maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem in your backyard pond.

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Growing Sunflowers – Everything You Need to Know

Growing Sunflowers – Everything You Need to Know

Growing Sunflowers – Everything You Need to Know

What speaks summer more like the beautiful bright yellow colors of a soaring sunflower? With their sun-like appearance and towering height, they demand attention and appreciation. Their ability to grow in just about any soil makes them an easy, yet stunning addition to any home or business landscape.

Sunflowers are unique in that at first glance it looks like just one flower with the yellow petals circling around the inside. However, when you take a closer look, you will see that the inside of every sunflower is actually made up hundreds of tiny little flowers. These incredible flowers are dramatic and demand attention for all those who pass by.

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12 Top Vegetables to Grow in the Fall

12 Top Vegetables to Grow in the Fall

As the summer begins to wind down, you can sense the door beginning to close on your sweet, home garden that you spent hours working on. Many might be under the impression that the growing season is over.

I’m here to share some great news – that is not the case. In fact, there are many vegetables that do best in cool climates. Planting mid to late summer can ensure that you will have a garden that continues to grow and providing you with rich nutrient veggies straight into the fall. With some planning you can have a vibrant fall garden.

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How to Protect Your Garden From Predators Naturally

Baby raccoon in garden

The first time I decided to add corn to my home garden, I was so excited. I had visions of warm summer nights eating dinner outside with fresh corn on our plates. I planted those seeds with great expectations. Hours were spent watering, weeding, and maintaining them.

As the corn began to grow, the joy of harvesting was mounting until one afternoon. I looked out our kitchen window and saw a squirrel peeling and chowing down on my home grown sweet corn. I was furious – all that work only to have my vegetable eaten by a squirrel.

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