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Perfect pumpkin

Grow Perfect Pumpkins with These 8 Easy Tips Anyone Can Do

Perfect pumpkins

Nothing says fall like perfect pumpkins. Pumpkins can be turned into delicious pies, a smiling jack-o-lantern, or placed around your home or outdoors for beautiful fall decor. October is the best time to head to the pumpkin patch and pick your perfect pumpkin. For my family, we have a strange tradition of searching for the ugliest pumpkin or gourde. We love the different colors and shapes that pumpkins come in. While orange is the color that pumpkins are famous for, they come in many other colors like white, yellow, and green.

Picking a pumpkin is fun, but growing your own pumpkin plant is better. Growing pumpkins is easy. It is something your whole family can partake in. When you follow a few guidelines you are sure to have success growing your own pumpkins. Here are eight tips to help you grow the perfect pumpkin.

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Fall Perennials

Keep Your Garden Vibrant With These 8 Favorite Fall Perennials

Fall perennials

With temperatures dropping slightly and pumpkin spice lattes back on the scene, we all know that fall is about to arrive. This season might also be a time where you might find yourself wondering ways to make your yard look just as great in the fall as all other seasons. The answer is simple: fall perennials.

While spring and summer might get a lot of credit for some great bloomers, the fall is not without some show stoppers. Knowing what plants shine in this season will help you as you plant and plant your garden. While buying annuals are a great option, you might be looking for a more permanent option to help your yard looking vibrant all year long.

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Repel Mosquitoes

Amazingly Effective Ways to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Repel Mosquitoes

A few weeks ago, I was out with some friends when our conversation turned to the nasty presence of mosquitoes. A number of my friends felt trapped inside their own home during the warm and muggy months because they felt that the moment they walked outside, they were getting attached by swarms of mosquitoes. They felt that the only option they had was to hire a crew to come out and spray their yard full of expensive chemicals. They wanted effective and natural ways to repel mosquitoes. Perhaps you do, too.

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5 Organic Strategies to Help Control Weeds

WeedsAs a child, my mother would give me a brown paper grocery bag and have me fill it up to the top with weeds. It was part of our chores, and I remember feeling the tediousness of the effort back then.

As an adult, not much has changed. When it comes to weeding, we all know that if you have a garden or yard of any kind, that weeds are a natural part of the process. You might even find yourself spending way more time then you ever thought imaginable dealing with weeds.

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6 Tips on How to Grow Your Own Coconut Tree

Coconut tree

Coconut has soared in popularity in the past several years in the United States and it is no wonder why. The tropical taste is incredible and the health benefits continue to prove strong.

In many different countries and cultures, coconut has been a stable part of diets for years. This tasty nut can be made into oil, flour, milk, and water. Lotions, shampoos, and conditioners are also using coconut as a main ingredient. The best part is that this rich food is pretty good for you with some great benefits for your body and health.

Did you know that it is easy to grow your own coconut tree?

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How to Grow Vegetables Vertically Just About Anywhere

How to grow vegetables Vertically
When people think of growing a garden, they often imagine needing a lot of space to home all the different plants and vegetables. This myth might keep many people, especially in urban settings, from enjoying their very own personal vegetable garden.

In fact, you don’t even need a yard to grow your own vegetable garden. When you decide to grow your garden upward instead of outward, you allow yourself to have a vegetable garden just about anywhere.

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Tomato Basics for Beginner Gardeners

Tomato Basics

I will never forget the time I took a bite of my first ever homegrown tomato. I grew up not liking tomatoes, but when I tasted that tomato, I realized I must not have ever tired a real tomato.

It was amazing. The color was so red. The flavor was sweet, juicy, and incredible. The tomato had been cut into slices with a bit of salt and pepper added. From that moment on, I knew I needed to grow my own tomatoes and find out everything I could.

Tomatoes are a staple for most home gardens. There are so many ways to use tomatoes such as: salads, sauces, salsas, and just straight out of your hand. With the right knowledge and care, growing tomatoes can be fun, easy, and extremely rewarding.

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3 Powerful Benefits to Ground Cover

Ground CoverHaving grass in your yard looks great. It is truly an American favorite. However, with up keeping grass there is maintenance, money, and a cost of your time.

If you are looking for a more environmentally safe option that is lighter on your wallet and your time, then ground cover might be a great plant option for you. Before you go writing it off, you might be shocked at the powerful benefits that ground cover offers that won’t hurt your landscape, but enhance it with beauty.

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Culinary herb garden

How to Create a Culinary Herb Garden

Herb Garden

There is something amazing about the astounding tastes and aromas that herbs offer to the kitchen. Each one has a different flavor and adds just a little added spice that can turn a dish into something that tastes straight out of a gourmet magazine.

The best part is that these herbs can be grown right in your own backyard, or even in your window sill inside. Creating a culinary herb garden is easy and fun. It can add to the decor in your home. The health benefits are just another reason that having a herb garden is a must have.

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