Top gardening articles 2018

Top 20 Gardening Articles of 2017

Top gardening articles

Here at Rootwell Products, Inc., we want you to be a gardening success. We know that a green thumb isn’t something you’re born with. You need advice from the pros and you need lots of practice.

To that end, we try to supply you with tips every week on a range of gardening topics. Every New Year, we post a roundup of the top 20 articles from the previous year. We like to keep tabs on what you are most interested in.

So take a peek at this year’s list and see if any of your favorites are there.

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Fall Perennials

Keep Your Garden Vibrant With These 8 Favorite Fall Perennials

Fall perennials

With temperatures dropping slightly and pumpkin spice lattes back on the scene, we all know that fall is about to arrive. This season might also be a time where you might find yourself wondering ways to make your yard look just as great in the fall as all other seasons. The answer is simple: fall perennials.

While spring and summer might get a lot of credit for some great bloomers, the fall is not without some show stoppers. Knowing what plants shine in this season will help you as you plant and plant your garden. While buying annuals are a great option, you might be looking for a more permanent option to help your yard looking vibrant all year long.

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How to Create a Stunning Layering Bulb Garden

layering bulb garden

Have you every tried a layering bulb garden?

Can you imagine planting your flowers in such a way that you get to enjoy a new flower pop up every few weeks all summer long? Think of it as each part of summer as singing a new note and a new flower comes dancing up from the ground with perfect timing.

Tulips in bloomThis can happen when you choose to layer your perennial flower bulbs. While daffodils and tulips might be the first flowers that come to mind when you think spring flowers, there is so much more that can be done.

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What You Want to Know About Planting Flowering Bulbs

Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

Are you thinking about planting flowering bulbs?

Planting bulbs in the fall is a great idea if you want spring flowers. Snowdrops and Scillas are one of the earliest flowers to bloom and will be a welcomed sight as the long winter months come to close. Remember last spring time when all your neighbors had beautiful daffodils and bright yellow, red, and purple tulips popping up everywhere? Well, if you want to add those stunning beauties to your landscape, now is the time to plant.

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The Amazing Chrysanthemum: Must Have Fall Flower for Every Yard

Chrysanthemum  plants

Imagine an array of bright yellows, dazzling burgundies, and stunning purple flowers placed elegantly around your yard this fall. Look no further than the amazing Chrysanthemum, nicked named “mum.”

Chrysanthemum plants are the perfect flower for fall. With their amazing range of fall colors, shapes, and sizes these mums will add that perfect pop of color and texture to your yard. They can be an amazing stand-alone plant that sits invitingly at your front door, placed lined up in a window box, or planted into the ground. They are sure to make any landscape shine.

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Everything You Need to Grow Stunning Hostas

Growing hostas

Have you felt overwhelmed by the idea of landscaping your yard?

Knowing how to handle all the different spaces can be difficult, especially when you are a newbie to gardening and landscaping. Having an easy, yet beautiful plant that is hardy can be the key to a beautiful backyard. Look no further for a low-maintenance, stunning, but super easy plant then the hosta.

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