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High Levels of E. Coli Found In Water Samples

Standing water in yard

Have you been watching the news about the E. coli outbreak?

Do you fear that there could be E. coli in your backyard?

Recently, the news has been full of reports about E. coli outbreaks. In June of this year, New Orleans had an outbreak that tragically resulted in the death of an infant. Are you aware that water can carry E. coli? Did you know that when storm water collects and is not properly controlled, it can affect our lakes?

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How to Understand Gardening Zones

USA Gardening Zones

Do you want to plant flowers, shrubs and trees, but don’t know what zone you are?

Are you wondering what a “zone” is?

Then this article is for you. Today, we are taking a deeper look into gardening zones. We are going to answer what a zone is, why it is important to gardeners and what zone you live in. Whether you have a green thumb or you are new to the gardening world, knowing about zones is going to make gardening easier.

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5 Reasons Container Gardening Is Right for You

Container Garden

Have you always wanted to garden?

Does where you live restrict your ability to garden?

There are many reasons why using containers to garden might be right for you. Container gardening can offer you an easy flexible way to garden that can keep things mobile. It can also be a solution for those of us who live in apartments or have certain rules about gardening in our neighborhoods. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at 5 reasons that container gardening is right for you.

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How to Beautify Your Garden with Butterflies

How to attract butterflies

Do you dream of a beautiful garden that welcomes butterflies?

Are you wondering what types if flowers attract butterflies?

Imagine yourself sitting in your garden, drinking lemonade while butterflies dance all around you. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. You can actually plant certain flowers to bring the butterflies to you. Today, we will take a look different ways to attract butterflies to your garden.

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How to Organically Fertilize Your Rose Garden

Organically Fertilize Rose GardenWelcome back to Rose Friday. Rose Friday is our weekly series where we discuss tips and how to care for roses. Last week, we talked about The 7 Different Types of Roses.

Would you like to fertilize your roses organically?

Are you wondering what the best fertilizer for your roses?

Once upon a time, fertilizer was known as one thing to gardeners and rose gardeners in particular, well-rotted cow manure. They would bring the manure in by the load, thickly spread it over their rose beds and knew they would have impressive results.

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Fabulous Gardening Tips and Tricks for August

August Gardening Tips & Tricks

How are the hot temperatures affecting your garden?

Are you looking for some tips for your garden this August?

Hot temperatures and droughts; this summer has been difficult on our plants and landscapes. For most of the country, August’s days a filled with hot temperatures and can make gardeners feel exasperated. However, the season is not over and may be an important month for your garden.

Here are some fabulous gardening tips for this August.

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How to Solve Water Run Off Problems Part 2

Money down the drain part 2Are you looking to save money watering your plants and trees?

Do you want to conserve water during this drought season?

Welcome Back and Happy Wednesday! This is the second part of a 2 part series on How To Solve Water Runoff Problems.  On Monday, in How To Solve Water Runoff Problems Part 1, we discussed the scientific reason why you are having water runoff. Today, we are revealing our solution to your wasted time and money.

And The Answer IS…..

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8 Steps to Building an Island Oasis

Island OasisHave you dreamt about having an island oasis of plants in the middle of your lawn to enhance your landscaping?

Have you envisioned a retaining wall around that island of plants?

An island of plants with a retaining wall around it may be the envy of the neighborhood. The retaining wall can protect your lawn and your plants. Plus, let’s be honest. It looks great. With help from the Backyard Gardening Blog, today we are going to breaking up how to build a retaining wall in only eight easy steps.

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The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen

Fruits and VegetablesAre you aware of which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticides?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a shopper’s guide every year. The shoppers guide is a list of 47 fruits and vegetables that are organized by fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides to the least. Within that one list, there are two separate lists.

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The Fab Five Herbs to Grow At Home

HerbsDo you love to cook with fresh herbs?

Herbs can turn something good you are cooking into something great. However, if you do not already have an herb collection, purchasing various herbs can be expensive, especially fresh herbs.

Today, we are going to talk about the fabulous five herbs that everyone should grow. Growing your own herbs will not only save you money, but it was also make your home smell beautiful.

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