September Gardening Tips and Tricks

September Gardening Tips & Tricks

Are you wondering what to do with your garden this month?

Would you like to know when to seed your lawn?

Happy Friday! Today, we are going to be looking at gardening tips and tricks for the month of September. Fall is almost here and while it may seem like it, it is time to stop caring for you outside garden and lawn, this month is a great month to prepare your landscape for winter.


September Tips and Tricks For Your Lawn

  • Believe it or not but according to Briggs Garden & Home, late August to early September is the best time to seed your lawn. September is great for reseeding or seeding a new lawn.
  • You can also fertilize your lawn while you are seeding it.
  • If you need to apply grub control, September is a great time for it.
  • Now is a fantastic time to take control of those weeds in your lawn. Make sure though not to seed the same day you apply your weed killer.
  • Between now and December is the best time to feed you lawn. You will want to serve your lawn a quality, slow-release lawn food, twice during these next few months.

September Tips and Tricks for Your Garden

  • Great crops to plant in September are beets, turnips, leaf lettuce and radishes.
  • Bring any houseplants indoors.
  • Repot any plants that are in pots with potting mix.
  • It is a great time of year to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, sod, grass seed and bulbs.
  • Looking to plant some color this month? Crape Myrtles, Cotoneaster, Hypericum can all provide you with beautiful color this fall depending on your climate zone.
  • If you are looking to transplant peonies or even divide them September is a great month.

Do you have any September gardening tips or tricks? We would love to hear them.

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