How to Prune Your Garden

How to prune your garden

Are you wondering when to prune your landscape?

With fall closing in, you may be wondering if it is time to prune your bushes, flowers, shrubs and trees. Pruning is essential for growing a fabulous garden and landscape. Today, we will be reviewing a few different types of plants and when you should prune them.

However, first things first: Whenever you prune make sure to remove any dead, damaged or diseased stems. You will want to remove these stems as soon as you see them. Insects love dead and diseased plants so it is essential to prune those stems off as soon as you see them. Another great pruning tip from our friends at Better Homes and Gardens is to always:

“Remove crossing branches, water sprouts (vigorous upright growing shoots that form on trunks or side branches), and suckers (vigorous shoots that develop near or from below ground).”


The pink, blue or white hydrangeas should be pruned mid-summer. Be careful not to prune them during winter or early spring because you will be removing their flower buds. For hydrangeas like, Let’s Dance Series and Endless Summer Series, when you prune is not as important. Lastly, for the white-flowered paniculata you can prune any time as long as it is not before they bloom.

Clipped Hedges

For these lushes shrubs, you will want to shear any new growth frequently in the first part of the growing season. In order to keep the upper branches from shading the lower ones, you will want the top narrower than the base. Remember stop shearing about six weeks before the projected first frost in your area.

Fruit Trees

Peaches, plums, cherries, apples and yes even crabapples should be pruned in midwinter. The goal is open the tree up and allow more light for a better crop the following year.

One more quick gardening tip is to dip your pruning shears in rubbing alcohol is one great way to control the spread of disease. Are you looking to prune a plant that is not on this list?  Make sure to visit Better Homes and Gardens for a full guide to pruning.

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