How to Save Money On Organic Apples Part 2

Apple tree in container

Did you know you can grow apple trees in containers?

Welcome back and happy Wednesday! I am excited to conclude this series about saving money and growing apple trees. Yesterday, in How to Save Money On Organic Apples, we discussed my love for apples in the fall and the best way to save money on organic apples is to grow your own.

I know, it sounds hard but it doesn’t have to be.

Growing Apples Made Easy

One great way to make growing apples easier is to use containers. What I mean by containers is a large pot. You will want the pot to be a least 4-5 feet in diameter. To keep your apple trees from getting too tall, make sure to choose dwarf varieties. This way, you will get the apples without the trees outgrowing the containers.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, if you are lucky enough to live in Zone 6 or warmer, you can leave your potted apple trees out all year round. For the rest of us living in Zone 5 and colder, you will want to move spot that will keep you trees protected like a storage shed or an unheated garage.

BHG also tells us,

“It’s important to keep container-grown apple trees watered well.”

The best way to do this is by installing Rootsticks into the containers. Just like the Rootwell you read about yesterday, Rootsticks will provide the water, oxygen and nutrients that your potted apple trees need to flourish and give you more apples, saving you money.

Tips and Tricks to Growing Apple Trees

  • If you tree develops a second trunk competing with the central trunk, make sure to remove the second trunk.
  • Cut all branches that grow towards the inside of your tree. You want your tree to have an open framework.
  • It is best to prune your apple trees when the tree is dormant, in the late winter or early spring.
  • When pruning remove any dead branches.

On Monday, make sure to come back because I will be discussing different type of pests and diseases apple trees can get and how to prevent them. Remember Rose Friday is this Friday. Rose Friday is our weekly series where we discuss how to best care for roses.

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