How to Save Money On Organic Apples Part 1

Apple tree

Did you know that apples have been #1 on the dirty dozen for two years in a row?

Would you like to have organic apples without paying too much money?

Back in July, I wrote an article discussing what fruits and vegetables were on the dirty dozen in The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen. To be on the dirty dozen, the fruit or vegetable would have to rank in the top 12 out of 47 in the amount of pesticides they contained. When fall hits, I think of apples and my love for all things apple.

While my love for fall and apples go hand and hand, I cannot help but hesitate at the store because apples have been #1 containing the most pesticides for 2 years in a row. Now the EWG would recommend buying organic for all fruits and vegetables on the dirty dozen. Plain and simple buying organic can be expensive.

One way to beat the organic prices and at the same time provide our families with healthy apples is to grow our own apple trees. I know, just call me Johnny Appleseed. At Rootwell, we specialize in growing healthy trees and apple trees are no different. Rootwell has engineered a product that can not only help your trees survive, but also cause them to flourish. Apples trees that flourish provide more apples and more apples means more apple pie, more apple cider, and more homemade applesauce.

For today and tomorrow, I am going to be giving tips on how to grow your own apple tree. For those of us who are not able to plant apple trees in our backyard, believe it or not, but you can grow apples trees in containers. What is also great is just because it is September, it does not mean that you cannot plant your apple trees this weekend.  According to Better Homes and Gardens, you can actually plant apple trees anytime from spring to fall.

When growing apples, you can choose from over 7,000 different varieties. You will want to check with a local nursery or garden center that could help you decide which apple tree is best for you. After you have picked which kind of apple you will be planting, the first step is picking where you will be planting the tree.

Apple trees love the sun and require moist, well drained soil. If you are planting the tree is the ground, you will want to dig the hole twice the size as the pot that your tree comes in. Make sure not to have the hole any deeper than the pot. When you remove the root ball from the pot, make sure to loosen the roots and face them outward. Fill the hole in with the same soil you dug the hole with.

This next part is where our specialty comes in. Install the Rootwell. The Rootwell is a vertical cylinder channel that provides water 18 inches deep to the root zone. The Rootwell encourages your trees roots to grow deeper into the soil, making your tree stronger. The Rootwell is also drought resistant. It was not that long ago when most of America was in a drought. With the Rootwell, you simply pour water down the channel and your tree has the water it needs to withstand any drought.

Come back tomorrow for part 2. I will be discussing more tips on growing apple trees and how to grow apple trees in containers.

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