4 Facts to Know About Mums

4 Facts to Know About Mums

4 Facts to Know About Mums

Are you looking to plant mums this fall?

Do you love mums?

When I think of plants in the fall, it is hard not to think of mums. Mums offer a great backdrop to your garden’s fall decor. There are many inexpensive perennials that can be planted as annuals. Today, on this fall Wednesday, I will be share 5 facts to know about mums.


Fact 1

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to plant mums is in the spring. You want to plant your mums for next fall after the last frost. This allows the mum plants time to grow their roots deep into the soil. You can plant in the fall, however, it will hurt the mum’s chances of surviving the winter.

Fact 2

Mums need anywhere between a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight. Better Homes and Gardens recommends 6 hours of sunlight daily.

Fact 3

Mums need preparation for winter.

  • Start with 4 inches of mulch. Straw, chopped leaves, pine needles and shredded hardwood are great mulches. Use the mulch and spread it thickly, all around the branches and base of the plant.
  • To clean up the plant, without hurting the branches, pinch off the dead blooms.
  • Wait to prune old stems until the spring.
  • If any plant leaves fail to resist the frost, it is best to cut the plant back to the ground.
  • As spring comes again, pull back the mulch allowing for your mums to grow rapidly.

Fact 4

There are mums known as “football” mums. According to mums.org “football” mums are:

“The large incurving or reflexing blooms that you see in florist shops or at National Chrysanthemum Society shows are just hybridized varieties of hardy garden mums that have been bred for size, shape, or color.”

How about you? Do you love having mums accent your landscape in the fall?

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