5 Reasons Aeration Tubes will Enhance Your Herb Garden

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Looking for ways to grow a strong herb garden?

Happy Monday, and welcome to Herb Monday. Herb Monday is our latest series that shares helpful tips to growing herbs indoors. Last week, we discussed How to Save Money on Your Herb Garden through tips to move your outdoor garden indoor.

Today, we are sharing how using aeration tubes in your herb garden will provide you with the great tasting and long lasting herbs.

What is an aeration tube?

First, I will start by answering the question above. Aeration tubes are cylinders that are a direct to root irrigation system. The aeration tubes are planted or installed along side of your plants and trees. Let’s take a closer look at why these tubes are a great option for your herbs.

The Reason Why Aeration Tubes are Right for Your Herb Garden

  1. The Effect on Roots
    The aeration tubes will allow for the herbs roots to grow deep into the soil rather than on a surface level.
  2. Aeration Tubes Work in All Soil
    It does not matter what type of soil is in your garden the aeration tube does it all.
  3. Scientifically Designed
    Aeration tubes are scientifically designed to absorb air, water and nutrients.
  4. Mobility
    If you need to transplant your herbs from an outdoor or indoor garden these tubes can move with your herbs.
  5. Longevity
    Because of the mobility and the design of the aeration tube, these tubes are a permanent solution for your herbs.

Where Can I Find an Aeration Tube?

You can find aeration tubes here at Rootwell.  We have engineered and perfected the aeration tube in our Rootwells and Root Sticks.

  • Rootwell Pro-318– Designed for Trees
  • Root Sticks– Designed for Plants, Shurbs and Herbs.

Do you have any questions about aeration tubes?  Rootwell Products, Inc. will be happy to help. Please contact us.

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