5 Steps to Growing Basil Indoors


Are you having a hard time growing basil indoors?

Would you like to know the secret to growing basil?

Happy Monday! Welcome to Herb Mondays, our latest series about growing herbs indoors. Last week, we discussed parsley and how to grow it in your own home in How to Grow Parsley Indoors.

There are so many great health benefits to eating fresh basil. According to healthdiaries.com, some of those health benefits include preventing cancer, promotes healthy hair and skin, and, benefits your immune system. Not only is basil great for your health, let’s be honest. It tastes great. Here are your 5 steps to growing basil.

  • Getting Started
    Basil does not farewell in the winter and when choosing to grow basil indoors, even if you plan to later put it outside, picking out the right pot/container is huge. Growing Basil does a great job outlining the benefits and disadvantages to the different pots you can choose. According to Backyard Gardner , “You can grow one basil plant in a 6-inch pot, or a few plants in a 12-inch pot.”
  • Location, Location, Location
    Basil is a lover sunlight, needing 7 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. Placing your basil pot closest to a south facing window will ensure that it gets the amount of light that is needed.
  • Planting
    Plant your seeds about a ½ inch below the soils top. With basil, similar to parsley, you want to plant in the pot or container that you plan to keep it in. Basil craves well drained soil and soil that does not allow for any standing water
  • Watering
    One way to always get the container right is by installing a Rootstick. The choice of container or pot revolves around how much and how often you plan or are able to water. If you install the Rootstick and the water will go directing to the roots, providing your plant with the nutrients it needs to succeed.
  • Harvesting
    Backyard Gardener also recommends to pinch off the top leaves your basil plants when the get to 6 inches long. You start harvesting at the top, taking only what you need. Leave the bottom to grow and snip later.Growing your very own herb garden is a great way to save money and fresh ingredients always improves cooking. Have you ever grown basil indoors? What was your experience?

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