8 Clever and Easy-To-Do Gardening Tips

spaghetti water - Deep Root Aeration Tubes | RootwellWhat do you do with the water you cook your spaghetti in?

Does your neighbor’s cat use your garden like its own litter box?

There are some really clever and easy ways to keep your garden beautiful and healthy. We are sharing with you 8 clever ways to do just that. Browse through the list below.

  • Spaghetti Water
    You know that water you normally let go down the drain? That spaghetti water is actually full of amazing nutrients. Next time, pour that water over your plants and watch them come alive.
  • Forks To Rid Cats
    While we may love our cats and our neighbors’ cats, they can make a big problem in our garden. Stick some plastic forks in the ground with the points facing up.
  • Epsom Salt For Your Plants
    According to Babble.com you can use epsom salt for more than just your evening bath. Epsom salt makes for great fertilizer.
  • Space Problem?
    Do you live in apartment of just have a space problem and don’t know where to put your garden? Use a pallet for upright shelving for your potted plants. Place the pallet vertical on your balcony and enjoy gardening.
  • Making Use of Disposable Diapers
    A great way to retain moisture is by lining the bottom of your pot or basket with a disposable diaper.
  • Tomatoes
    Better Homes and Gardens offers a great idea–to plant tomatoes on their sides. Doing this will encourage an extra strong root system.
  • Install Aeration Tubes
    Aeration tubes are scientifically proven to increase root growth. You can install them with plants as well as trees and shrubs. They have even been known to increase survival rates in newly planted trees.
  • Need Moisture?
    If you don’t have access to any disposable diapers, try using a sponge to increase the moisture in your potted plants.

Your Turn

Do you have any clever gardening tips that are easy to do? Add them on to the list in the comment section below.

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