All You Need To Know About Periwinkles


Would you love to add Periwinkles to your garden?

Are you looking for a ground cover to give your garden that extra little something special?

Periwinkles are such an amazing flower that they often get overlooked when planning a garden. They come in almost every color you could hope for and offer eye catching ground cover. Another great aspect of Periwinkles is that right now is the perfect time to starting growing them.

Here is what you need to know about growing Periwinkles:

  • Periwinkles do well in droughts. If you live in an area that is often exposed to droughts then this might be the ground cover for you. Now, while they are pretty tolerant of droughts, Periwinkles do best when you water them often.
  • The Garden Helper has this to add about Periwinkles and how much sun they should get,

    Big Periwinkles can be grown in full sun, with plenty of water if your main concern is having lots of flowers, but is better grown as a ground cover in partial shade. Dwarf Periwinkle should only be grown in partial or full shade with a little morning sun. Perennial Vincas thrive in almost any soil, as long as it is well-drained. For the best results however, compost or other organic material should be mixed into the soil at planting time.”

  • Periwinkles come in many colors like, white, purple, blue, and lavender flowers.
  • Better Homes and Gardens had this great tip about growing Periwinkles. They said to add humus to the soil. At first I thought it was a typo and they meant to add hummus- that wonderful chick pea dip. But I quickly realized that the humus they are talking about is actually material that is decomposed plant or animal that comes in black or brown.
  • Periwinkles grow great in zones 4-9 and can even grow up to 17 inches tall.

Your Turn

Have you ever tried growing Periwinkles? If so, what your favorite thing about adding them to your garden?

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