August Gardening Tips for the Northeast Region

August Gardening Tips for the Northeast Region

August Gardening Tips for the Northeast Whether you are thinking about planting some new shrubs or not sure when to harvest your vegetables, we have the answers you are looking for here. Every Monday, we published monthly gardening tips for every region in the United States.

Today, we are sharing about August gardening tips for the Northeast region.

August gardening tips

Landscaping Tips:

  • Planting shrubs? According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, mid-August through September is a great time to transplant any shrubs whose root ball is wrapped in burlap. Make sure you plant them in the ground within three days after purchase.
  • If you lawn has any bare spots, make sure to intentionally water those spots often and even add a hay as a mulch.
  • Looking to plant shrubs or trees this fall? Make sure to install aeration tubes as well. Aeration tubes are a direct-to-root watering system and are scientifically proven to increase root growth and above ground growth.

Fruit and Vegetable Tips:

U.S. Gardening Region Map

  • Most likely by now you are enjoying the harvest of all the vegetables you planted this year. For help about when to harvest check out When to Harvest Your Vegetables.
  • Make sure your harvesting zucchini every day. This is the month where zucchini can become quickly over-sized .

Perennial and Annual Tips:

  • It’s time to plant fall-flowering bulbs.
  • It is also time to start sowing your outdoor spring perennials like aquilegia, primrose, and digitalis.

General Gardening Tips:

  • This is the last time of year to fertilize your roses.
  • Don’t stop weeding your garden. The weeds will actually compete with you plants for the nutrients and water. Make sure your plants get all that good nutrients and water by weeding out those weeds.
  • Better Homes and Gardens recommends that when apply pesticides, make sure to water your plants 3 hours before. This is recommended because during times of drought plants have less water in tissues and when the pesticides enter into the cells they can actually leave burns.

Your Turn

Do you have any questions about gardening in the month of August? Please share your questions in the comment section below.

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