Secrets to 7 Winter Squashes

Backyard Gardening: 5 Tips to Growing Winter Squash

Backyard Gardening: 5 Tips to Growing Winter Squash

Looking for an easy-to-grow fall vegetable?

Are you interested in growing your own fall decorations?

Recently, we’ve been publishing articles about growing your own fall decorations. The benefits of growing your own fall decorations are endless. Not only will you impress your guests, but you are actually saving money.

A favorite fall decoration is winter squash, but winter squash won’t just look good on your mantel or as the center piece on your table. Winter squash is also known as butternut squash and acorn squash and is really easy to grow.

With the following 5 tips, your winter squash will be blooming in no time.

  1. Plant in the Spring
    According to Cornell University, you will want to wait until the danger of frost has passed. The soil’s temperatures should have warmed to about 70 degrees. That will be around 2 weeks after the last frost.

    You can continue to plant winter squash until about 15 weeks prior to the fall’s first frost.

  2. Considerations for Planting

    Plant someplace in your garden where your squash can receive full sun and well drained soil. The ideal soil has a pH balance between 5.8 and 6.8.

  3. Planting

    In an article by San Francisco Gate, they recommend to create a slanted mound of soil. It should be about 3 inches deep in the center and 3 feet in circumference. Using your finger, dig a 4 or 6 one-inch holes in the soil for a seed to get into each.

  4. Watering

    Install an aeration tube. You will need to use a smaller one designed for plants and not trees. Rootwell Product Inc’s Rootsticks are a perfect choice. These aeration tubes will help provide the water, oxygen, and nutrients your winter squash needs. Make sure to water for about 10 days once planted. After that, allow the aeration tube to do its work.

  5. Harvesting

    The packet of seeds you purchased should say about how many days it will take to mature. Depending on the type of winter squash you are planting will determine when it’s time to harvest.

Your Turn

What is your favorite thing about winter squash?

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