Backyard Gardening: How to Rake Leaves

Backyard Gardening: How to Rake Leaves

Have you ever wondered what the best way to rake the leaves in your yard?

Looking to save time when raking your leaves this fall?

Fall is officially here. The temperatures are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and the brilliant yellow, red, and orange leaves are falling to ground. While all those leaves are beautiful, you may be thinking about how much time you will be spending raking them up this fall.

Today, we are sharing tips and tricks on how to rake your leaves more efficiently to save you time and benefit your lawn as well.

Tips to How to Rake Leaves

  • Use the wind. According to, when raking use the wind to your advantage. Rake with wind and rake with ease.
  • Keep your leaves where they are and beat the wind. Organic Gardening recommends stomping through the pile to do just that.
  • Mow your lawn and mulch the leaves. Prior to the leaves covering the lawn around early fall, you can actually simply use a mulching lawn mower. The added bonus is that the mowed leaves will provide your lawn with wonderful nutrients.
  • Keep your back healthy by getting a rake that does not cause you to bend over the whole time you are raking.
  • Rake your leaves into flower beds to help save on how far you have to move your leaves.
  • Mulch your raked leaves and use them as a mulch in flower beds.
  • According to wait to rake your leaves until after the foliage has peaked. They reported that if you rake before this happens, you will find yourself raking more.
  • Choose a rake depending on your needs. Make sure that you feel comfortable with its size. Choose one with a metal tines if you want your rake to last longer. Choose a plastic one if you would like your rake to be lighter.
  • Keep yourself protected by wearing cloth gloves, long pants and layers when raking. When mulching protect yourself by wearing a mask.

Take Away
The brilliant fall leaves are a breathtaking scene in the autumn. After leaves have fallen, it is time for every homeowner to clean up. By using these tips to rake your yard’s leaves, you can not only save time, but make the task more efficient.

Your Turn
Do you have any tips on raking leaves to add to this list? Please share your tips in the comment section below.

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