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5 Benefits Trees Gift The World: You Will Want to Plant A Tree Immediately


This weekend, my family attended a birthday party for a friend. When we walked to their backyard, we were immediately covered by a cascading canopy of green splendor. The trees where huge and stunning. The large towering branches created a fun rope tree swing for the children to play on. The thick trunk offered endless amounts of active climbing fun. It was pure delight for all.

While the party was definitely fun, it was the trees that, to me, stole the show and created such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Trees are definitely magical. This time of year is no different. It is hard to find more exquisite beauty than fall leaves turning bright reds, oranges, and yellows. However, we know that trees are glorious all year long. The protection and strength they display in the winter is incredible. The fragrant scent they pour out in the spring with stunning budding flowers, can take one’s breathe away. The shade they provide in the summer is so refreshing.

Trees provide so much for us than we could ever imagine. While we could name many different gifts trees provide, here are 5 of our favorites.

5 Amazing Things Trees Gift The World

  1. Trees Gift Us With Breathe and Clean Our Air
    Trees and humans are meant to co-exist. When you walk outside and you take in the fresh air, that is because the air is literally refreshing it. Trees actually clean the air that we breathe.

    The amazing gift of trees is that they take the carbon dioxide and other pollutants out of our air and give back oxygen. According to, “A single 30-meter-tall mature tree can absorb as much 22.7 kilograms (50 pounds) of carbon dioxide in a year, which over its lifetime is approximately the same amount as would be produced by an average car being driven 41,500 kilometers (25,787 miles).”

    In addition, they mention that the same tree can produce enough oxygen in one year that is could support at least two people.

  2. Trees Gift Animals Homes
    You can only imagine the amount of ways that just one tree can provide life for other creatures. Birds, squirrels, possums, and bees all rely on trees to provide them a home.

    According to, just one Oak Tree creates life for over 284 species of insects.

  3. Trees Gift Us by Saving Energy
    Tress are not just beautiful to look or bask under their shade, they can actually help on heating and cooling your home. This will reduce air conditioning costs as much as 30 percent and can save between 20 – 30 percent on energy for heating.

    One of the reasons that this helps is because trees can actually transpire. Just like humans sweat, trees give off water. According to the USGS, a large oak tree can give off as much as 40,000 gallons per year.

    The way this works is that trees will absorb water primarily through their roots. They use the opening of their leaves to evaporate water. This is the process called transpiration. According to, this cooling effect can be equivalent to 10 single room sized air conditioning units operating 20 hours a day.

  4. Trees Gift People With Emotional and Mental Health
    Not only will the shade of a tree provide physical protection from UV rays to protect your child’s skin, they can also help them grow emotionally and mentally.

    According to Tree People, studies have shown that “patients with views of trees will out their window will heal faster and with less complications.”

    In addition, children with ADHD can show fewer symptoms when they have access to nature. “Exposure to tress and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue.”

  5. Trees Gift the Ability to Reduce Violence
    When you are surrounded by trees, you can feel the healing experience they provide. This can also translate into neighborhoods and homes that have shown higher levels of violence. When you add trees and greenery it can help to reduce fear and create safer environments.

    Marilyn Simpson-Johnson, LMSW and Dr. Brenda Allen lead a study to prove that forestry development did actually play a role on domestic violence. According to the study, people reported better relationships with their neighbors, felt more unity, and more likely to feel safe.

  6. Create Healthy Trees and A Healthy Earth
    We know trees are amazing. They help us breathe and clean our air, provide homes, save energy, help children grow and learn, and help reduce violence. When it comes to our trees, we know what a gift they are to our families and our communities.

    One of the best gifts we can give back to our earth is simply by planting new trees. When you plant a tree, you know that you are giving your family, your community, and your world one of the best gifts on earth.

Use Rootwells to Create Thriving Trees

If you are passionate about planting trees and are looking for tips to create healthy trees, you have come to the right place. We, here at Rootwell Products, Inc., want to see each tree grow into strong, healthy, and thriving plants.

It is this very desire that inspired us to create the Rootwell system. We found that one of the greatest challenges to planting trees was to ensure that the tree had a healthy root system, especially in less ideal soil conditions. We discovered that trees struggled the most in drought conditions, restricted spaces, street plantings, and where there was a lot of heavy pedestrians or vehicle traffic. As we shared the gifts of trees, those struggling are the areas might be the ones that need trees the most.

The Rootwell

That is where a root aeration system comes in to help established newly planted trees. The Rootwell goes down deep into the trees root structure and ensures that it gets the hydration and nutrition that a tree needs to thrive. It gives a direct to root water distribution. The Rootwell works like straws, allowing active oxygen exchange that will create health for your tree. You will be amazed at the results that you find once you install Rootwells for your trees.


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