Birth month flowers

Birth Month Flowers: Their Symbolic Meanings

Birth Month Flowers

For thousands of years, flowers have communicated many different meaning. This is often known as the language of flowers. Plants and flowers have been given different meanings to help loved ones express themselves to each other without words. Even our birth month, like a birthstone, has been given specific flowers that represent them.

Birth Month Flowers, Their Meanings and Symbolism

Here are the 12 different birth month flowers, their meaning, and symbolism.

January: The Carnation and The Snowdrop

CarnationThe carnation comes in several different colors and each one conveys a different meaning similar to the rose. Pink carnation means affection, and the red carnation means “I love you.” White carnations mean pure love, and a yellow carnation means rejection or disappointment.

The snowdrop has more negative meaning in the past as it always seemed to appear in graveyards. Moreover, it used to communicate bad luck. However, today this delicate flower is a symbol of hope and beauty.

February: Violet and Primrose

The violet is a symbol of faithfulness, watchfulness, and loyalty. If you are looking to send a message your loved one you will always be there, this is the one to choose.

The primrose is a perennial from Europe and is traced back to the rose. It is a flower with the meaning that communicates that you can’t live without a person.

March: The Daffodil and The Jonquil

daffodilsx150The meaning of the daffodil communicates unequal love. The bright yellow petals of the daffodil is a great way to say that the “the sun is always shinning whenever your significant other is around.”

The Jonquil is a type of daffodil and it signifies a desire that affection be returned. It is also used to convey sympathy.

April: Daisy and the Sweet Pea

The Daisy has a symbolism of innocence, loyal love, and purity. When given to a friend it is as a meaning of keeping secret that means, “I’ll never tell.”

The sweet pea can have two meanings: blissful pleasure, or used to say good-bye.

May: Lily of the Valley and The Hawthorn Plant

The May flowers embody the hopes and dreams of those who give them. The lily of the valley is a symbol of sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness. If you are looking for a great way to express to a loved one that your life is complete with them, then this is your flower.

The hawthorn is a plant that represents that you only want the best for the person you are sending it to. It is a symbol of hope and supreme happiness.

June: Rose and Honeysuckle

Yellow roseThe June flowers are some of the most fragrant flowers of all.  The rose has a fascinating  history and they have  multiple different meanings. For example, pink means perfect happiness, and the red rose means, “I love you.” If you want to give a bouquet of flowers it means sincere gratitude, where as a single red rose means, “I really love you.” So remember that sometimes less is really more.

The honeysuckle is a strong symbol for everlasting bonds of love.

July: Larkspur and Water Lily

July’s flowers are known as dramatic head-turners with one flower being the main water feature and the other’s ability to grow over eight feet tall. The larkspur has different colors and each one means something different. For the pink it means fickleness, for the white it means happy nature, and the purple means a first love. In general, a larkspur will indicate strong bonds of love.

The water lily signifies purity and majesty. These flowers are often used in ponds to help deter the growth of algae, and to keep the fish and frogs that live inside nice and shaded.

August: Gladiolus and The Poppy

These flowers are bright and showy flowers that helps to symbolize the sunny essence of late summer days. Thegladiolus, also known as ‘sword lily’, is a symbol of remembrance, calm, integrity, and infatuation. This flower represents the image of a heart that is being “pierced with love.”

The other August flower is the Poppy. The poppy has many different colors. The red poppy is a symbol of pleasure, the white is a symbol for consolation and the yellow poppy is a symbol of wishes of wealth and success.

September: Aster and The Morning Glory

AstersLate summer the air begins to cool and still there are many beautiful flowers to give. The aster is the first flower of September. The aster’s main symbol is of powerful love. According to folktales, they were burned to ward f serpents. These flowers still look stunning and bring in the late summer and early fall and they require minimum care.

The second flower of September is the morning glory. This flower is a symbol of affection and if you wake up early enough, you will be able to watch their stunning blooms open. They will close up in the day time and open in the morning.

October: Marigold and Cosmos

Marigolds are a bright annual that has a symbol of warm or fierce undying love. It also is a way to communicate that you are content being with the recipient. There are over 50 different specials of marigolds, and they can range from 6 inches in heights to five feet tall.

The other October flower is the cosmos. This flower is a symbol of order, peace, and serenity. These are flowers are often planted along boarders and will attract wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden.

November: Chrysanthemum

MumsThe chrysanthemum, also known as a mum, is a great flower that thrives in cooler weather of November. They come in many different colors, and each one has a different symbol. For the red chrysanthemum it symbolizes, “I love you.” The white means innocence, purity, and pure love, and the yellow means slighted love.

This flower is a powerful emblem of youth in both the Chinese and Japanese cultures. You might notice that they will place a chrysanthemum petal at the bottom of a glass of wine as a thought to enhance longevity and maybe even prevent some gray hair. While these plants are often used as an annual, they are actually a perennial. Place mulch over them and protect them from the cold and they will return next year.

December: Holly and Narcissus

These two are very different from each other, but they both symbolize the same meaning: hope. For the holly represents your wish for domestic happiness. The other flower for the month of December is the Narcissus, specifically the paper white. The flower is mean to convey that you want your loved one to stay just the way they are. The paper white is variety that grows in the winter time.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the next time you want to send a loved one a birthday bouquet, consider the ancient act of communicating with flowers and send them one that conveys your heart for them.  You can also surprise your loved ones with their birth month flowers.

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