What You Need To Know to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

What You Need To Know to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

Wondering what to look for when picking out a tree at the farm?

Not sure how to keep your Christmas tree looking healthy all season long?

If you are planning on a live Christmas tree this year then this article is for you. Today, we are covering how to pick out Christmas trees, caring for Christmas trees and lastly, getting rid of Christmas trees. You will even find a bonus tip at the end of the article.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Christmas Tree

  • Before you leave your house, make sure to measure the height of your ceiling. The largest tree you will want is about a foot shorter than your ceiling.
  • Make sure to also measure your tree stand so that the base of your tree fits.
  • When looking at the different trees, you will want to look for a needles that are firm and do not fall from the trees.
  • Check to see that the needles bend and do not snap.
  • The stump of the tree should be moist and maybe even have sap in it. It should also be straight and at least 6 inches long.

Caring For Your Christmas Tree

  • Your new Christmas tree will be very thirsty when you first bring it home. Make sure to give your tree at least a gallon of water in the first 24 hours.
  • After the 24 hours, you will want to make sure your tree has 1 quart of water for every inch of the trunk daily.
  • If you notice that your tree is drying out, make a cut in the stump. This will allow for more water to be absorbed.
  • Place your tree in a cool, dry area and not near any heating vents.

Replanting, Disposing or Recycling Christmas Trees

  • If you have selected a live Christmas tree, you can replant it by following these 10 steps.
  • If you have a cut Christmas tree, you can recycle it by cutting off all the branches and using them as insulation for your perennials, or save the branches by shredding and using them as mulch next spring, or use the trunk as fire wood after it’s dried out.
  • Check with your city to see if they will pick up your Christmas tree for you and dispose of them.

Quick Tip: Learn how to hang your tree lights like the Rockefeller Tree in New York City by reading, How to Hang Lights on Your Christmas Tree.

Your Turn

Do you prefer to have a live Christmas tree or to cut down your tree?

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