Wood slices

8 Creative Ways to Use Wood Slices

Wood slices

This past weekend, we decided it was time to take down a dying tree in our backyard. It is always heartbreaking to say goodbye to a beautiful tree that has lived a great life. This tree was not too large, so we were able to take it down in pieces on our own. This saved us a lot of money. Hiring a tree removal company to take down a tree can cost thousands of dollars. With some help from my in-laws, the tree was down in a few hours.

It was sad to see such a beauty get taken down. However, I feel grateful to have saved pieces from the tree that we plan to use in endless ways throughout our home. We were able to salvage huge chucks of wood, while also cutting 18 different 1-inch thin wood slices.

Finding Wood Slices

If you don’t have time to take down your own tree, you will have no problem finding wood pieces around. There are a lot of online sources for wood pieces. In addition, stores and warehouses are popping up everywhere that will have sanded and even put your piece through a kiln making sure to kill all possible creatures hidden inside. While it might cost some more money, you can even buy pieces from your local hardware store and craft store.

Drying or Curing Wood Slices

Once your pieces are placed into slices, you will want to make sure that the wood is dried out or cured. If you choose to buy your wood from a store or warehouse, they might have already done this step for you.

In case you do the DIY (do it yourself) way, you will want to let your wood sit for a four-week period to dry out. If you are like me, and have a hard time waiting, you can place our wood slab in a 200-degree oven for about an hour. In addition, if you choose this method, you will want to make sure you keep a close eye on your wood.

Wood Finishes

There are countless ways to finish your wood pieces. A few favorites include: staining, painting, varnishing, and live edge wood. When you choose to use a stain or paint, there are a lot of different color options to choose from. You may want to take a scrap wood piece and experiment to make sure you like the color.

If you choose to varnish, you can use a clear varnish to protect the wood and give it a lot lasting finish.  While the color is clear, it will add a slightly darker color to the wood and give the wood a “wet” look. You can choose from a glossy, satin, and matte finish to your varnish depending to the type of look you are going for. Again, it would be a good idea to experiment with a piece to make sure you like the way it looks first.

Creative Ways to Use Wood Slices

Once you know have your pieces of wood, you will be ready to let your creativity fly with all the different ways to use those slices. There are endless ways to artistically use these pieces throughout your home, as gifts, or even a small way to make a little income. Using wood pieces and slices are continuing to grow in popularity as people are loving the idea of bringing the outside inside.

  1. A Wood Side Table
    Creating a wood side table is an easy and stunning way to create a great look in your home. Each wood pieces is so beautiful on its own that it really doesn’t need much help. Add a few legs to your piece, and you will find yourself with a magnificent side table that can be placed in your living room, next to your bed, or anywhere else you might like in your home.
  2. Wood Coasters
    Making a wood slice coaster might be one of the easiest and most fun gifts that you can make for people. After the wood is ready to go – sliced and sanded, you can add whatever finishing touches that will suit your creative bones. The slices can be kept in their natural form which alone is beautiful, or you could mod podge a photo onto the slices, use a burning pen, or even a simple sharpie to add fun sayings. Once finished, take four different wood slices, wrap them in twine, and you have a great hostess gift.
  3. Wood Slice Cutting Board
    A wood slice cutting board would make another great gift to give around the holidays. According to The Birch Cottage, you can cut the slices, dry the wood, sand and then the finish touches of mineral oil. Once the first coat of mineral oil is placed, placed you can apply another coat after about 20 minutes. They recommend you placing at least 3-4 coats and to make sure you do not skimp on this part.
  4. Wall Art
    Let your creative juices flow and place your wood slices above your mantle, on an empty wall or above your bed. You really cannot go wrong.
  5. Jewelry Holder
    Looking for an attractive way to display some of your beautiful pieces of jewelry? Use a stunning wood slice.
  6. Center Piece
    A simple way to add a rustic chic look at a wedding or at home is to add a wood slice as a center piece. Place a few candles in the middle people will be wondering if you had a visit from a professional decorator.
  7. Wall Clock
    This might feel like an intimidating project, but it is much easier than you might think. What you will need is a clock kit. The next step will be to drill a hole in the back of the wood slice to hold the mechanism. The clock kits should come with instructions and help, even an amateur walk through it easily.
  8. Ornaments
    Let your kids make their own holiday ornament with paint or permanent markets and make a treasure that will last a lifetime. These would also make for a great gift too.

Let The Creativity Flow

In conclusion, you don’t have to be a professional designer or artist to make a beautiful wood slice masterpiece. Once you have your wood, prepared it, the possibilities are endless. These are eight different ways that you can use wood slices. We know there are many more creative ways to use wood slices, and would love to see how you have allowed your trees to live on. Please share with us how you have used wood slices in your home or given as gifts in the comments below.

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