December Gardening Tips for the Pacific Northwest

December Gardening Tips for the Pacific Northwest

Not sure what you look for when heading to the Christmas Tree Farm?

Wondering how to keep your compost pile from smelling so badly this winter?

Not sure what to do in your yard this month? Today, we are providing a list of collected information on what needs to be done in your yard this month.

December Gardening Tips

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Landscaping Tips

  • Surround your trees and shrubs with a layer of mulch to keep rodents away. Mulch also helps to keep the trees root zone warm during colder weather and prevents weeds from growing.

Perennial and Annual Tips

  • Organic Gardening recommends to deadhead your flowering perennials this month. Deadheading is the process of removing the flowering heads of the plant. Deadheading is recommended so that the flower can put its energy into the root system.
  • According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, during the winter months your plants are at risk of drying out. Due to this make sure you continue to water them throughout the season.

General Gardening Tips

  • Make sure to wait as long as you can to bring in your live Christmas tree. If you are not sure how to pick the right Christmas tree at the farm or how to keep it alive after you have brought it home, please see, How to Care For Your Christmas Tree.
  • Even during the winter weather you can continue to compost. Better Homes and Gardens says that the heavy rainfall can eliminate oxygen from the pile causing your compost pile to really stink. To help with this, cover the pile during the winter rains.
  • Interested in creating your own compost pile but not sure where to get started? Please read Compost Pile: What You Need to Know to find out how to create your very own.

Bringing It Home

The chilly weather of December may have arrived, but there are still some gardening chores to attend to. From surrounding your trees and shrubs with a layer of mulch to how to take care of your compost pile, these tips will help you keep on top of all that needs to be done this month. What is on the top of your list?

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