December Gardening Tips for the Southeast Region

December Gardening Tips for the Southeast Region

Is December a good month to plant bare-root trees?

Which vegetables are cool-season?

Winter has arrived, but for our friends in the Southeastern Region of the United States there is still a lot to get done. Today, we are covering tips for gardening this month that will help you prepare and take care of your landscape, fruits, vegetables, perennials and annuals.

Southeast Region’s December Gardening Tips

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Landscaping Tips

  • All this month, plant your bare-rooted trees according to Organic Gardening. It is also a really great time to transplant any shrubs.
  • If you are planting any new trees or transplanting shrubs this month, make sure you install aeration tubes. Rootwell Products Inc. provides Rootwell Pro318 aeration tubes that are scientifically designed to increase root growth and have been proved to assist in above ground growth.
  • According to Better Homes and Gardens here are some top shrub picks for your Southern Region: flowering quince, spirea, mock orange, and hydrangeas.

Fruit and Vegetable Tips

Perennial and Annual Tips

General Gardening Tips

  • In the same article by Better Homes and Gardens mentioned above, they offer a great tip that you don’t want to miss. They recommend that if a frost is on its way, to make sure you water your plants thoroughly because well-watered plants do better with frost.
  • About mid-month it will be time to start your “fall” clean up. Make sure to hit everything on your fall clean up list by checking out, Backyard Gardening: Your Fall Clean Up Guide.

Over to You

What is on the top of your list for gardening this month? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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