Decorating Christmas tree branches

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches

Decorating with Christmas tree branches

A Christmas tree is the center piece of all Christmas decorations. There is nothing like the amazing aroma of evergreen filling your home. However, it can also be a great source of extra stunning decor that you can spread throughout your home, or give as gifts.

Using evergreen branches can be a great way to spread the Christmas tree love throughout your house. Here are 7 fun and easy ways to decorate your home with Christmas branches and how to care for them.

7 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches

When you first bring your Christmas tree home is the best time to cut the branches. As you shape your tree into the shape that you want, save the branches you have cut off. Those will be your tools to create your masterpieces.

  1. Bare Branches

    Want a decoration that will last throughout the years? Cut the branches from your Christmas tree, take off the pines needles, and place in any container you find aesthetically pleasing. Mason jars, recycled tin cans wrapped in burlap, and vases are just some ideas. You can use as little or large of a container and branches as you desire.

    Once you have found your container and you have prepared the branches, find a fun way to decorate them. String your branches with lights, ornaments, or whatever else you choose. Place your new decoration throughout your home, or give as a gift. When you place them into the vase, make sure they secured, so they do not topple over. Rocks, pine cones, even glue them with hot glue to the bottom. These will be treasures you can keep year after year.

  2. Creative Wreaths

    The most common use of Christmas tree branches is to weave them into a Christmas wreath. With the perfect holiday spirit and some creativity, you can make your wreath to fit your style. Add ornaments, other evergreen plants like holly, and mistletoe, ribbons, lights – the possibilities are endless. When using branches from your live Christmas tree, expect your wreath to last throughout the season. The pine needles will begin to brown and drop off when it is time to clean up for the season.

    Use the branches without needles to create a wreath that will last for years. Add paint, ribbons, glitter, or other decorations you choose. Find your way to a craft store, use leftover materials from other projects, or go to the clearance section and see what materials might inspire you. No need to spend a lot of money.

  3. Christmas tree branches in vase Mini Christmas Trees

    What child doesn’t want multiple Christmas trees placed throughout their home? Imagine the excitement on their faces when you share that they can have their own mini tree placed in their own bedroom. Without spending a dollar more, you can arrange the Christmas tree branches to create multiple mini trees.

    Just as you might get a bouquet of flowers and you place in vase, you can use the branch cuttings and place into a vase with water. The added water will help preserve the life of the branches as it does for your tree. You can keep the needles on or off depending on the type of look you are going for. This is a great way to incorporate children in the decorative festivities. While Christmas ornaments can be an off limit place for kids, let them create their own ornaments and decorate their tree themselves. This will create autonomy while protecting other treasured and breakable ornaments.

  4. Christmas Card Holder

    Can you imagine a better way to display all those Christmas cards you receive then turning them into ornaments themselves? You can do this by hanging your treasured cards from the cut branches. Place the cut branches and place into a container of water just as you would for the mini trees.

    To get a rustic look, use branches without the pine needles, and depending on the amount of cards you plan to receive will determine the size you might want. When you receive your Christmas cards, staple, glue, or tape ribbon or burlap sting to the top of the card and hang on the branches. This home decoration will be one that is sure to impress.

  5. Door Décor

    Want to create a holiday welcome décor? Using cuttings form your tree, you can gather the greenery together in a bunch, tie a string at the bottom, and decorate however you choose. You cannot go wrong. Even if you don’t add any decorations, the tree cuttings alone will be beautiful. Use colorful ribbon to tie them and bind them together. Ideas for added decor could be: berries, ornaments, other greens, candy canes, and lights. Hang them from your door as a beautiful holiday welcome decoration.

  6. Added Décor to Wrapping Paper

    When wrapping your Christmas presents, cut a small branch and string on you’re the presents for a sweet evergreen smell and beautiful décor.

  7. Glitter Branches

    Imagine shiny, decorative branches placed on the mantle above a warm crisp fire. There is something so stunning about a combination of natural beauty and this decoration can be done by anybody.

    Take the cut branches from your tree and remove the pines. Place the branches in glue. Use whatever you have available or on hand. You can use mod podge glue too. Cover the branches in the glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Use dark gold, silver, green or red as you create a powerful natural and rustic Christmas decoration. Place the branches on top of your mantle, or anywhere else you would like the decorations. Add them to any of the other decorations we have listed above.

Wrapping Up

Holiday decorations are a magical and beautiful way to celebrate this time of year. When you choose to bring a live Christmas tree into your home, you are not only bringing nature’s sweet aroma, but stunning beauty. Using the branches with creativity will add life and holiday flavor to other places in your home. It can also be another budget friendly and children friendly way to gift to your friends and family.

If you didn’t get a live tree this year, you can still bring the beauty of nature, by using tree cuttings from your yard, a forest, or from a friend’s tree. Nature is already amazing, and you can’t go wrong. Even if crafting isn’t your thing, you can find success trying out any of the above ways to decorate.

Do you have an additional creative way to decorate with Christmas tree branches? Or, is there on here that you would like to try? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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