3 Favorite Trees for Your Yard in the Winter

Fir tree in the snow

Looking to add a little color to your winter landscape?

In Michigan the winter months can be pretty bleak, making a color in your winter landscape so important. The following 3 trees are our favorite trees for your yard in the winter.

  1. The Evergreen
    There really isn’t a better type of tree that embodies the winter season quite like the evergreen. All year long, these trees are known to maintain their green needles adding color to even the grayest of backdrops.

    Better Homes and Gardens reports that most people don’t realize how many different types of evergreen trees there are for you to choose from. The classic evergreen that many people will bring home as a Christmas tree are spruces and firs, but that is not all. There are along cedars and spruces that grow in different shapes.

    We love all the different evergreen trees, and depending on where you live and what you are looking for will determine which type of evergreen tree you should get.

  2. Ginkgo
    I have always had a soft spot for the Ginkgo tree. Maybe because of the rumored mysterious health benefits or the fact that this was the only type of tree to survive the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, both are reason enough to love this tree.

    In addition to the evergreen, Better Homes and Gardens recommends the Ginkgo tree for winter landscapes as well says that the beautiful leaves ever after the autumn season.

  3. Strawberry Tree

    This tree might seem like a surprise, however, it is a great choice for almost any yard in the winter. According to houzz.com, this lovely tree flowers in the fall and then produce bright red fruit that is round in shape all winter long.

    While the tree is technically classified as a evergreen shrub and grows slowly, it can grown up to 25 feet tall. It grows in all different types of soil and loves full sun to partial shade.

Take Away

Make sure to chose a tree that is right for the area you live in. Any of the three trees above would make a great addition to a winter landscape.

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  • Caleb December 22, 2014  

    I love evergreen trees in the winter. They are beautiful with snow covering them.

  • Rootwell Products Inc. December 24, 2014  

    Caleb, thank you for taking the time to comment. Evergreen trees are a perfect choice for the winter.