Four Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Are the cold temperatures making you think of winter?

Would you like to keep your lawn looking beautiful next spring?

These chilly temperatures have many of us thinking about winter. While fall is only a month in, snow seems to be right around the corner for many northern states. Many homeowners have been wondering what the best way is to prepare their lawns for winter. The last thing anyone wants is the cold winter temperatures damaging their lawn.

Today, we are providing you with not just one way to prepare your lawn for winter, but four ways. These four tips will have your lawn being the envy of the neighborhood.

4 Tips to prepare your lawn for winter

  1. Fertilize

    October is a great month to fertilize your lawn. Feeding your lawn now will set your lawn up with great nutrients while it lays dormant during the winter. Due to your lawn lying dormant during the winter months, fall not spring, is the best time to fertilize.

  2. Water

    According to MSN Real Estate, you will want your lawn to receive about an inch of water for every 14-21 days. This past weekend, my lawn got over an inch of water, but this is a good rule to keep in mind. This rule will also come in handy if you live in a drier part of the country.

  3. Reseed

    How did the summer treat your lawn? Does your lawn need some repair? Take the time this fall to reseed your lawn. Fall is the perfect time, because again during the winter the grass will remain dormant. A great way to help the seeds take root is to layer an inch of soil layer on top of the seeds.

  4. Mulching

    Save your extra grass clippings from the lawn mower and the fallen leaves. Instead of throwing them out, apply them onto your lawn creating organic mulch that your lawn will thank you for in the spring.

These four tips will have your lawn looking beautiful next spring. What are you planning for your weekend project? We would love to hear about it, so don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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