How to Grow Your Halloween Decorations

How to Grow Your Halloween Decorations

Ornamental kale and pumpkins

Would you love to grow your own pumpkins?

Have you ever considered growing ornamental kale?

Save money and impress all the trick-or-treaters that come to your home by growing your own Halloween decorations. Today, we are sharing a few Halloween decorations that you can actually grow yourself. With a bit of planning and time, you will be able to have a wonderful display for next Halloween.

Growing Your Own Halloween Decorations Ideas

  1. Ornamental Kale

    While we have all heard that eating kale can be a really healthy choice, did you know you can grow kale as a decoration and it that it is a beautiful plant? Ornamental kale is not the kind of kale you eat, but instead is a plant you can use to decorate your landscape with it.

    Ornamental kale is becoming more popular to decorate with because it blooms with a deep pink while green outer leaves can become streaked with pink.

    You can grow it in your garden beds or in a container. Check out how to grow this perfect fall addition by visiting, Backyard Gardening – How to Grow Ornamental Kale. /how-to-grow-ornamental-kale/

  2. Pumpkins

    Why pay for a pumpkin when you can grow your own? In the following two articles, you will discover how to grow your own pumpkins and how to harvest them for best results.

  3. Gourds

    Ornamental gourds are easy to grow and are a great addition to your Halloween decorating scheme. Start by planting them directly into the ground about 4-6 weeks before the first frost. According to, make sure you keep your gourds watered during hot or dry periods. Besides that there isn’t much more to do with these almost care-free plants.

    Are you looking for an easy way to provide your gourds and other plants with water? You will want to read the article, How to Save Water by Watering the Root Zone, for best results.

Take Away

If you would like to wow your neighbors and make a great impression on the trick-or-treaters that come to your door next Halloween, use these tips to grow your own Halloween decorations. From all of us at Rootwell Products Inc., have a safe and happy Halloween!

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