How to Grow Wildflowers that Supercharge Your Garden

Texas wildflowers - Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbush

Texas wildflowers – Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbush

Are you looking for a unique look for your garden?

Would you like something that is easy to grow?

One of the best ways to create that unique, one of a kind look to your garden is to plant wildflowers. They bring that special something and set your yard apart from the Jones’ house next door.

On Wednesdays, we highlight gardening that is easy to do and there isn’t much out there that is easier to grow than wildflowers. Not only will your yard be the envy of the neighborhood, it will be easy to do. Follow the steps below on how to plant and care for your wildflowers.

How to Grow Wildflowers

  1. The Prep Work

    The first thing to check, according to American Meadows, is when the last frost date is because you want to plant after that date has past. To figure this out, visit the First and Last Frost Dates Calculator from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

    Pick a spot in your yard that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight.

    Prep the soil by removing all current growth and tilling the soil.

  2. Planting

    Mix the seeds with sand and then scatter the seeds on top of the soil. After that, take the time to press the seeds into the soil lightly.

  3. Caring

    Here is the last step and it is all about watering. Once you have completed step 2, it is time to water. Water thoroughly so that you saturate the soil. That doesn’t mean soaking wet. It means that the soil is moist.


By planting in the fall and not the spring, you will actually get your blooms sooner. Better Homes and Gardens recommends the following wildflowers as top picks for your garden:

  • Bluebonnets
  • Indian Paintbush
  • Drummond phlox

Your Turn
Do you have a favorite wild flower that you have in your garden?

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