Holiday Gifts You Can Grow – How to Grow Amaryllis

How to Grow Amaryllis

Looking for a great gift to give this holiday season?

Believe it or not but it’s already time to start thinking holiday gifts. This is because, if we are going to grow our own holiday gifts to give away, we only have a few more weeks to plant them.

Amaryllis is a perfect holiday gift. It’s easy to grow, easy to plant, and stands out among other holiday decor. You will wow all your friends and family with this gift.

Amaryllis Highlights

This beautiful flower comes in a classic Christmas red along with orange, pink, yellow, and white. You can choose a single flowering variety or a double. The miniature varieties only grow to about one foot according to Better Homes and Gardens.

How to Plant Amaryllis

Often times you can purchase amaryllis already potted and ready to grow. However, you can add your own personal touch by potting and growing it yourself because amaryllis is so easy to pot and grow.

Amaryllis needs about 6-7 weeks to bloom. That puts the perfect time to plant it at about the first or second week of November if you want it to bloom around the holiday’s.

  • Choosing the right bulb: When choosing the bulb make sure to choose one that is large, firm, and free of bruises. If you are looking to have multiple stalks out of one bloom, the bigger the better.
  • Choose a bulb with a healthy root system: Once you have the perfect bulb in mind, untangle the roots.
  • Better Homes and Gardens helpful tip: BHG recommends to soak the roots in shallow lukewarm water for about 3-4 hours prior to planting.
  • Picking the perfect pot: The pot needs to be about twice as big as the bulb.
  • Planting the bulb: While holding the bulb above the pot so that two-thirds is showing, fill in the pot with soil. Make sure that the bulb does not touch the edges of the pot or another bulb. Then take down the soil to secure the bulb into place.

Caring For Amaryllis

Only water the amaryllis enough to keep the soil moist. The plant should be placed in a sunny window. Keep the plant warm by keeping the temperatures around 70 – 75 degrees.


After following these tips, sit back and watch your perfect, unique holiday gift grow. If you are looking for other plants to grow yourself for this holiday season, make sure to subscribe to our blog because we will be posting more holiday gifts you can grow.

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